4 Tips for Taking Care of Winter Hair

4 Tips for Taking Care of Winter Hair

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If you live in an area of the world where Winter includes cold, snowy, inclement weather – you may know that caring for your hair during those months requires special treatment. Even with my current short hairstyle, there are things I do differently throughout the seasons to ensure my hair stays in good condition. Today I’m going to share with you 4 tips for taking care of Winter hair.

4 Tips for Taking Care of Winter Hair

Keep in mind that there are many hair types out there and because of body chemistry changes throughout your life, your hair chemistry will also often change. Use these 4 tips for taking care of Winter hair to guide you in how to properly care for your hair.

4 Tips for Taking Care of Winter Hair

1: Know Your Hair – Know Your Shampoo

By the time you’re old enough to worry about caring for your hair from season to season, you should know your hair. Thin, fine, thick, curly, straight, course, whatever – it’s your hair, get to know it.

Once you know your hair, you must then know your shampoo. It’s good to switch up your shampoos (at least twice a year, three times may be better) and especially in the Winter months, you need a shampoo that provides your hair (type) with enough moisture to survive and thrive during this cold, dry hair-inducing season.

*You may also wish to consider the type of water you use in your home. Some experts have found that this can play an important part in how hair and shampoo get along with each other. If you travel frequently, there are ways in which you can avoid dealing with varying levels of mineral content in water and still have gorgeous hair, no matter where you go.

2: Your Conditioner Should Play Nicely with Others

And by others, I mean: your hair and your shampoo – two old friends with whom you are quite attached by this point. Your conditioner, as the third important party to this Winter hair care, needs to get along with both of them; and you (but I’m getting confused in this weird inanimate object/human/hair saga, so let’s move on…).

Your conditioner should also be plenty full of good and natural moisturizers for the Winter season. Your best friend (besides your hair and shampoo) should be a good conditioner with essential fatty acids. This, along with panthenol and a few other key ingredients will help your Winter hair retain more moisture during those cold months.

*Remember your hair type when choosing the right conditioner to go with your shampoo. You may also need to deep condition your hair several times a month during this harsh season, depending on the thickness and length of your hair. Do the research and don’t be afraid of asking your own hair care professional to guide you in the right direction.

3: Ease up or Switch up Your Hair Styling Products

You may wear the same hairstyle all year round and maybe for the last twenty years. But perhaps you’ll consider making some changes during the Winter months. Changing your hairstyle and your hair styling products can save you much frustration if you’ve ever wondered why your hair suddenly just doesn’t work in Winter.

During those cold, hair-drying months, avoid using hair styling products that will dry your hair out even further. Whether it’s hairspray (skip the alcohol, pour a glass of whine), the hairdryer, or needing to remove the kinks – ease up or switch up and discover more manageable hair.

*You may choose to go all natural (no hair styling products) but if you just can’t help but tame those locks with something, look for items that will complement your hair and style, as well as help your hair thrive in Winter. Less or switching up your products, better style – a win win win.
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4: Color Treat? Try These Winter Care Tricks

If you’ve been following along here, you know that recently I shaved all my hair off and then decided not to color it for awhile. I had my reasons for doing so but I also knew that I was doing my hair a great favor, too. I’m not telling you to do anything that drastic; however, if you do color treat your hair and find it harder to manage in the Winter months, there’s a reason for that (we’ll just call it WINTER HAIR). Thankfully there’s also a way to fix it.

Stop coloring your hair. YAY. That was easy. Let’s all have another glass of wine, shall we?

Seriously. If you can give your hair a little break from certain processes during the Winter months, do so. Not only will your hair be in better condition, but you will also be better able to manage it. This may also be a good time to get in touch with your local hairstylist and treat yourself to a good cut and style that you can easily care for all season long.

*If you can’t avoid the color, don’t pull your hair out, there are solutions for you, too. If you’re a 3 season highlighter, try some low lights that will help blend those lovely locks and still give you the look you want. Talk to your haircare professional about the type of color he or she is using and consider switching to one without harsh chemicals. And do not forget to also consider those first three hair care tips above when choosing the right hair color this Winter season.

Bottom Line?

The preceding 4 tips for taking care of Winter hair are essential if you live anywhere you have to deal with harsh weather. Even in a more mild climate, you should be aware of changes in season, body chemistry, and your hair in general. Keeping your hair in good care all year round will ensure a happy, healthy head on your shoulders – mind, body, and spirit.

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