Text and Drive? Watch THIS!

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Text and Drive? Watch This!We’ve all done it. Text and Drive? Sure. Just a quick text at a stop light or on the straight-a-way. We have all done it. And if you read this and can say to yourself, or me, or TO YOUR KIDS, that you’ve never ever texted while driving…

You may leave.

Or you can stick around and watch the best PSA I’ve seen about the dangers of texting and driving. And then pass it on so that others may learn from it, too.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Scrolling through Facebook at some ridiculous hour, not planning to find anything to write about (you never know…), and here comes a video (shared by a friend) about texting and driving.

Text and Drive?


It needs to stop.

I can honestly tell you here today that I am a red light texter. Text and Drive? Watch This!And not if I’m first at the red, either. (Don’t want to get beeped at if the light changes but I am confident I’ll see the other cars moving when it does.)

I don’t do it often. I can’t even remember the last time… But I DO IT. More than once is too much.

It needs to stop.

Text and Drive? Watch this:

WJBF-TV ABC 6 Augusta-Aiken

Yah. I know. 60 seconds and what we discover is that the teenager is just too damn selfish to put down her freakin’ phone.

But don’t blame her because she’s a teenager.


It needs to stop.

I can honestly tell you here today that most of the time my phone is not out when I’m driving. Now a days. I don’t know when the change occurred for me but it was probably selfish in that I have to really REALLY concentrate when I’m behind the wheel of my car. I don’t even drive all that much anymore, due to a health condition that limits my ability to…

…trust myself behind the wheel of my car. I’m not restricted; I simply take precautions, given my situation. Certainly, one of those precautions is not having my phone out to possibly distract me further while I’m driving.

I’m not perfect. None of us are. And learning the hard way cannot be the only way to learn not to do something so easy as to PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE WHILE BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR (or truck or SUV – you get it, right?!).

Before you learn a hard lesson, watch the video again. 60 seconds out of your life right here won’t kill you. And it just may save some lives out there.

You’re welcome.

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing


Feature Image Attribution – “Head On Collision” by Original uploader was Damnsoft 09 at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Petiatil using CommonsHelper.. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Stop Light Image Attribution – Pixabay
Last Words PSA Video Courtesy of WJBF News Channel 6, Augusta, Georgia ⋅ Find them on Facebook

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