March 2nd - a crazy day in March...

That One Crazy Day in March

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Rarely these days do I write anything here on the blog that is just for me. I don’t mean that in a bad way, certainly. I love sharing informatively for the betterment of all our lives (it is NOT just my tagline) and work to make sure that what I bring does help us – mind, body, and spirit. Today, however, I want to talk about that one crazy day in March and why G has it marked it in his calendar as “San’s Sad Day”. I make no apologies if it doesn’t make sense or matter to anyone but me…

March 2nd - one crazy day in March...That one crazy day in March began in the early 1940s. My mother was born on this day, March 2nd. I am thankful that she was, and that all those many years later we would one day meet…

Fast forward to the late 1960s and you would find another crazy day in March – the 2nd – where it was wedding bells, heavy snow, and two amazing people who had fallen in love. They were married on that crazy day (my mother’s birthday) and soon after, moved a state away to begin their life together.

28 years to the day.

Another March 2nd and this one not a joyful occasion; the day we lost my father in his battle with cancer. I am stunned that it has been 19 years since he’s been gone. I miss him every day.

3 events on that one crazy day in March. One birth, one wedding, one death.

And all these years later, that one crazy day has become known as “San’s Sad Day”.

I admit it. Some years are better than others. I do try, these days, to embrace the good in all of it…

To not be sad but rather to celebrate what was given to me by having these two amazing people in my life.

My parents.

And most of the time (absolutely the rest of the year), I am quite able to do it, too. What they taught me growing up, has given me a solid foundation for who I am today, how I am in my relationship with my husband, and how I am raising my daughter.

I sure did take a curvy road to get here but that’s a story for another time. The bottom line is that if she hadn’t been born, they hadn’t married, and yes, had he not died in the year he did, perhaps things wouldn’t have…

…well. ANYway.

March 2nd. That one crazy day in March. Though I work really hard to not let it get me all mushy, gushy, and with plenty of leakage around the eye area – some years are better than others.

And this March 2nd? It’s a weepy one. For whatever reason, I am missing them both (Mom passed just shy of 5 years after dad, in February of that year) a LOT this “anniversary”. It’s not even anything really specific. Realistically, I know that them not being here now is all part of a bigger plan and also that I will someday see them again.

But oh, for that one crazy day in March.

I think I’ll go have a really good cry and get on with the day. I won’t promise no more tears today, either. I know that tomorrow, I’ll go back to being fine…still missing them but done with this sad day…and remembering all that they gave me so I could give to others.

Love you, Mom and Dad. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and Daddy…well, we all know how much you loved my mother. I suppose it was fitting then for it to come full circle on that one crazy day in March.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



Seriously. I am grateful for these two fine folks who raised me up (someday I’ll talk more about being adopted and finding my birth family…) and were such an integral part of who I am today. As with anything that I bring to you and ask of you here at Informed Sharing, I took what they taught me and used what I could, then discarded the rest; determined always to do and be my best. Could be (should be!!) that’s all any of us can hope for in all our lives – mind, body, and spirit!

*I’ve gotten into a routine of sorts with what I post each week (Mondays: Life Lesson, Wednesdays: Hair/Beauty SOMEthing, Fridays: Whole House Organization Challenge). I’m enjoying that routine but have so many other things to share with you. Stay tuned as we mix it up a bit in March. YAY!

Find out why G and I were married on MY Birthday, about our rings, and the unique significance of ALL of it – right HERE!



4 thoughts on “That One Crazy Day in March

  1. Thank you for being human…

    In the world we live in today, being online, so many people just want to play the “look at me” and “look how great I am” cards. That being said, a moment of vulnerability simply shows that we are all still humans behind these screens and that our emotions are real.

    I’m not entirely sure of your belief system, but in my case, I do believe in an afterlife.

    Rather than seeing your father’s death as an ending, a day of tragedy, try to remember it as the moment the good Lord decided to call him home. In his case, it would truly be a joyous and triumphant moment. One we should be lucky to experience.

    To you, this may just be rambling. And in any case, I do apologize.

    Just, thank you.

    Mark Curtis recently posted…Customer Service: It’s the Little ThingsMy Profile

    • Thank YOU, Mark. You got it right on the first go. I am human. Nothing more or less if I am being completely honest. I am also sure I will see my father again, both my parents – and I am also safe in believing that I carry any pain; they are unable to feel that any longer!

      And please, never apologize for rambling (I am the Queen of Verbos-ious-ness) < --it's a word, I made it up 😉 Rambling leads to honesty in the most amazing ways! Cheers San 🙂 Sandra Lynn recently posted…That One Crazy Day in MarchMy Profile

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