8 Tiny Home Designs – Would You Go Tiny to Live Here?

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The hubs and I plan to eventually build a tiny home somewhere between here and the Mediterranean. We have come to realize that neither of us is too attached to stuff and believe that we can live comfortably with less square footage, allowing us to enjoy our life together without feeling too terribly tethered to any one thing. We have not yet agreed on total footage, however. He is leaning toward 750-1000, while I believe we shouldn’t go more than 500 square feet. There are plenty of tiny home plans to fit either of those and I am sure that we will come to an understanding, even compromise when we make our final decision.

tiny home designs

For now, though, it’s just a dream and we have lots of fun looking at different tiny home designs to see what we’d like to incorporate into our own tiny home, someday. It is with this in mind that I stumbled upon some floor plans that had me drooling over the possibilities and I wanted to share them with you. Whether you are looking to downsize or just want to live more simply, you just may find exactly what you are looking for, amongst these designs.

8 Tiny Home Designs – Would you go tiny to live here?

(please note: I visited several sites, but found this one to have plenty of images and floor plans that I could get lost for hours looking at all the amenities that may be afforded with going tiny)

1 – 972 square feet, 1 bd, 1 bath.

tiny home design - 972

This tiny home has one bed and one bath and is on the bigger end of tiny living. With a large master bedroom and plenty of outdoor space, this first pick is perfect for those looking to downsize but not be cramped.

Tiny Home - 1 - floor plan

images courtesy of Direct from the Designers

2 – 631 square feet, 2 bd, 1 bath.

tiny home design 2

Two smaller bedrooms and private outdoor space via the “master bedroom” and living area make up the design of this tiny home. Absolutely livable if you are willing to give up unnecessary stuff.


images courtesy of Direct from the Designers

3 – 985 square feet, 3 bd, 3 bath.

tiny home design 3

On the larger side and with 3 floors of living space inside and plenty to enjoy out, this beach house is beautiful top to bottom, inside and out.


tiny-home-design-3-first-floor tiny-home-design-3-second-floor

images courtesy of Direct from the Designers

4 – 831 square feet, 2 bd, 2 bath.

tiny home design 4

With a stunning wrap around porch compelling outdoor living and a beautiful floor plan inside with lots of natural light shining through, this cottage is perfect for living big in a tiny home.

tiny-home-design-4-first-floor tiny-home-design-4-second-floor

images courtesy of Direct from the Designers

5 – 480 square feet, 2 bd, 1 bath.

tiny home design 5

This tiny cottage is the smallest on my list, but still very well appointed. And depending on where you build, you will have lots of time and space to enjoy inside and out.


images courtesy of Direct from the Designers

6 – 736 square feet, 2 bd, 1 bath.

tiny home design 6

Though we probably wouldn’t do lots of stairs in our … um, older years … I like the idea of this simply because I’d forgo the extra parking (how much of that is needed for a tiny home?) and drop a hot tub underneath. The inside is plenty big enough room by room, too.


images courtesy of Direct from the Designers

7 – 874 square feet, 2 bd, 1 bath.

tiny home design 7

With triple french doors that lead to the backyard or beach – I love the sound of that. And the layout of this larger tiny home is beautiful, too. With plenty of natural light and none of the extra space to be wasted, either.


images courtesy of Direct from the Designers

8 – 991 square feet, 2 bd, 2 bath.

tiny home design 8

This is probably my favorite, and the biggest in square footage (hmmm, maybe I don’t want tiny, tiny…), this tiny home is well laid out with plenty of living space on the first and second floor. I love the sitting area up, as well as down, the open floor plan, and the potential outdoor space.



images courtesy of Direct from the Designers

And there you have it. Just 8 out of nearly 100 tiny home designs to choose from. I’m sure the next time I view this site, I’ll find more to go on about. But for now? We have a great starting point. You should know, G and I have thought long and hard about what we want for our “retirement”. We just downsized (with 3 people) to a 910 square foot space with 2 bd, 2 bath, and it is working very well for us. Did we have to make adjustments? Yep. But we are happy. And when it is some day just the two of us, I have every confidence that we will get along just fine in a smaller space.


Sandra Lynn



PS: Traditionally speaking, these tiny home designs are much larger. There are some folks who go as small as 100 square feet. I applaud their tiny footprint, but I think we’ll need just a little more footage than that.

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  1. Beautiful homes. Nice thing about house plans, is that you can use them as inspiration for house building on various “The Sims” games.

  2. I think the Tiny houses are really cute and will save a lot on energy costs and cleaning. I could so live in a Tiny house!

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