Tom Petty, MagPie, and Taking Care Of Me!

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Seems strange to be talking about Tom Petty and taking care of me (considering that I’m married and all…we’ll get there, nothing nefarious going on, I promise) in the same sentence. And then you add in a MagPie and we’ve pretty much confused the masses…

Taking Care of MeOr I could just get to explainin’ and there won’t be any confusion. Forgive me, already? As I write this, my internet is out and I’m a tad out of sorts because of it, even though I don’t need internet to write this post.

Tom Petty, MagPie, and Taking Care of Me!

As you may be aware by now, we recently re-launched Informed Sharing and everything has been going along just FABuLOUSly. Truly. I am thrilled to be here and happy to be sharing informatively people, places, and things that interest me for the betterment of all our lives – mind, body, and spirit.

What you may not be aware of and something I don’t like to talk about is that I’ve not been well for a wee bit of time now and though I am undiagnosed currently, we (my family) have been living with my illness long enough that we know how to manage (whatever) and are pretty darn good at knowing when a particularly bad time is coming.

Due in large part to me not being a good listener.

Yah. Surprise, surprise. Pftt. We’ll discuss that further, down the road a piece…

…and when I say undiagnosed, you should know that my team of doctors are working furiously (as they have been for nigh on 11 months now) to figure this thing out and have narrowed it down to a few things – sorta.


But as I said, I don’t like to talk about it. I want to talk about it. Oh yes, I’ve been wanting to start at the beginning and tell the whole ridiculous story. But it seems rather silly without knowing what we are dealing with yet. Silly and annoying, frankly. Given some of the measures we have to take to manage my condition, half explaining it to folks or even just a quick answer to a stare sometimes, leaves some folks with a multitude of unanswered questions that I just don’t FEEL like dealing with.

You feel me?

Tom Petty
So anyway. Before this is made bigger than it is. I’ve not been taking care of me, lately. And that’s just plain stupid on my part. My husband (gotta love a man who will put up with me – mark it down, truth right there) says about me this very honest thing: “baby, you have no off switch, not even a slow down button”.

It’s true. I go till I don’t.

Or I used to. Ah, those were the days. Getting it  ALL done and not even batting an eyelash. Sleep? What sleep. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Pfft.

These days I can’t do that. I need down time. I need my rest. I need certain other things to manage (this thing). I need to be taking care of me. And to that end, I had to make a choice to take a few days off from Informed Sharing this week. At least on the front end. Today’s post, coupled with the four earlier in the week, were all I could do for the week.

That’s the other thing. Learning to know my limits and that I can still bring to you a level of excellence (my standard) without breaking my head in the process.
I Am a Work in Progress...Always!
And through it all, I do think I need to start journaling about what began last October and is continuing on as we head into Fall 2014. I’m going to noodle that and figure out the best way to do it – as it’s both personal and somewhat confusing; in part because I plain just didn’t have my wits about me for some of it. Still don’t, some days.

Going forward, taking care of me and Informed Sharing, I’m going to remain dedicated to both. That’s my promise. I can’t be sure what that means exactly; only that I want to be here and to do so absolutely means I must be taking care of me.



Mah bb. Mags starts sMagPiechool this coming Tuesday and boy HOWDY the summer just flew by. Another reason for taking a few days this past week was to spend the last few days before the kiddo went back to school with mah bb (it’s NOT proper English; I’m working on my San-isms Glossary, I swear).

We have managed to carve out some fun time throughout the summer but as school draws closer, I kept having that icky feeling that it just wasn’t enough. So, a bit of M-M (Mega M&M’s?) time and now we’re all full up (it doesn’t take much – just being realistic here). 😉

Quality is most always better than QUANTITY. Mark it down, people!

Tom Petty

Finally, we’re to why you really showed up for this post. Maybe? Either way, thanks for stopping by, truly. I adore each and every one of you who takes a moment to visit with us here at Informed Sharing. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

But back to Tom Petty. Again. This coming Sunday I get to go to a concert. Good gosh, I haven’t done that in I can’t tell you how…wait, yes I can…

…it was Christina Aguilera and the Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas with my Fluff in 2007. I have the panties to prove it. But I digress.

So yep. Tom Petty. This Sunday at the Civic Center (or whatever they are calling it these days) here in Portland. Tom Petty

I have to be honest. I’m not a music-y person. I didn’t grow up listening to a lot of whatever was playing then and there; rather whatever my parents were into.

(A little Anne Murray, some Carpenters, church hymns, and Jim Nabors; oh and don’t forget the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on reel to reel…I do NOT regret this…)

Don’t feel sorry for me. I used to rue the less than pop culture musically inclined upbringing but now a days I know that it simply is what it is. Can’t fix the past, right?

I do find it incredibly amusing that I ended up in CRAZY love with one of the most educated music-y people I’ve ever known. My husband knows 99.9% about everything there is to know about music (or so I think, not what he’s said – he’s not pompous about it).

Tom Petty happens to be one of his ALL TIME FAVORITE music dudes. Or whatever you call it. I don’t know. G loves the guy. Straight up. In fact, I was the one who told him that Tom Petty was coming to Portland and I thought my hubs would lose his freakin’ mind.

Tickets were purchased as soon as was physically possible. Yikes. Tom Petty. Who knew?

I mean, I knew…but…you know…

So yah. Sunday we are going to a concert. Tom Petty. I’m pretty stoked, a little nervous, and thrilled for the hubs.


Because we don’t get out much (RE: my condition). It’s Tom Petty in concert within walking distance AND it’s Tom Petty. I said.

A Little Nervous?

RE: My Condition – yah. There’s that. Bright lights, noise, movement – all factor in for this (whatever), which is another reason for taking a few days off this past week. My husband loves me more than anything (truly) but he has laid it down: we are staying till the last song is sung. He has prepared me (sending countless Tom Petty tracks my way) for this concert in many ways and I don’t want to disappoint him. So, I’ll be well rested and ready to “party” on Sunday. I know, sounds completely old age-ish but it’s a fact of my “new” life.

And the truth is, that my hubs is not a horrible man. If my health were an issue once we got there, he would totally call me a cab.

Tom PettyThrilled For My Hubs?

I am so excited for G and that he gets to see one of his greatest idols in concert. We have had some really rough years the last several (financially and health-wise for both of us) and we keep on keepin’ on. For us to be able to do this tiny thing like enjoy a night out and see Tom Petty in concert?

Thrilled beyond words.

Even though I just did darn write almost 1500 of them above. No apologies for that. I had a lot to say and so I did. But let me get to wrapping it all up now.

Tom Petty

Can’t wait. Date night with the hubs and seeing friends too (which means sweet treats from Tina’s Kitchen, yay!).


Spending time with my Boo is always good; until it’s not. We’re good at figuring out a balance. Squishy love that kid o’mine.

Taking Care of Me

I promise to continue doing that and this here at Informed Sharing. In the best way I know how. Thanks again for stopping by for awhile, sincerely!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



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  1. A date with hubby, a concert with great music and time with friends — it sounds just like what the doctor of wellness would order to feed your social and emotional sides. Hope you enjoy it and am certain you’ll fill us in next week. : )

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