True Review: Persona Paper

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Over the course of the last four weeks, we’ve gotten to know a bit about a place called Persona Paper by way of a curvy road, perhaps – getting to know some of the writers who contribute there.

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Last week I mentioned that I wouldn’t be showcasing any writers today and this is for several reasons, not the least of which, I don’t want either of us (you, dear readers OR me) to become bored with the routine of it.

So instead for this Tuesday, I thought I’d give you a brief review about Persona Paper and why you may consider contributing with them if you have a hankerin’ to share your thoughts with the world.

True Review: Persona Paper

What is Persona Paper?

Persona Paper is a writing community/social platform where you are paid to write unique content and share it with your followers and friends (beyond the confines of said community).

Paid to Write?

That’s right. Persona Paper currently (08.14) pays each member per view upon their posts and also for comments they make to other members’ posts. This amount is subject to change and is solely at the discretion of Persona Paper.

(for more about the current exchange rate, please visit Persona Paper’s FAQ)

What to Write About?

Persona Paper accepts just about any sort of writing – personal and/or informational, as long as it is legible (good grammar and proper spelling) and unique to you. Upon signing up for the site, you will be asked to submit a writing test of sorts, which will determine your eligibility for becoming a writer with Persona Paper.

True Review: Persona PaperDo not let this deter you. Rather consider it a good thing in that it weeds out the riff-raff, scammers, and spammers who attempt to take advantage at so many other writing sites. As long as you can write clearly and may do so honestly with true intentions toward providing content that is yours alone (plagiarists beware), you have a darn good chance of succeeding at Persona Paper.

Contributor Support?

Hands Down BEST EVER. And this means that it only rates four stars because there is always room for improvement. ALWAYS. But I have taken the time to get to know both of the owners of Persona Paper and I can tell you true (no review can be without some bias) that they are ridiculously dedicated to the success of Persona Paper.

Which cannot happen without the contributors who write there. Period.

Without us there is no them.

To that end, Heather and Will (she on the day-to-day community involvement and he on the technical back end, mostly) work around the clock to ensure a smooth ride for all of us while also working to build a sustainable site that will survive long term.

For ALL of us.

Community Involvement?

Right now there are approximately 600 members at Persona Paper. This is quite intimate, considering the thousands that populate other writing sites around the internet. I find it refreshing, personally. The site is new, growing daily, and finding its way at a rate that while not quite as quickly as some would like, seems to work for those who contribute there daily.

Remember anything worth doing is worth doing right? If you plan to sign up for Persona Paper, the best advice I can give you is to write right, get involved in the community (genuinely), and share often with outside friends and family. You must take pride in yourself and the place you choose to pen your works of art; otherwise, what’s the point…

Bottom Line?

Persona Paper isn’t just another writing site and it isn’t just a social site to hang out online with friends.

  • You can write your thoughts.
  • Share current events (in your unique voice)
  • Comment upon posts that interest you
  • Make new friends and reacquaint with old
  • Get paid for all the above
  • Discover a community of like-minded and/or disagreeable but often still friendly individuals
  • Trust in Persona Paper Contributor Support

Persona Paper is a writing site and a social site and a great place to interact online with the added bonus of getting paid for all the above.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



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And stay tuned, next week we’ll be back at it again, sharing informatively another 8 great (special thanks to Tina for continuing to help provide me with folks to visit with – I am but one woman, people 😉 ). I am dedicated to bringing you all the best of the best and Persona Paper has them – hands down, some of the best writers you’ve never met. Take a moment and get to know them now!

Do you write online? Where do you hang your writer’s cap? Please share below… and … if you were informed, please share with others. Your voice matters. Thank you 🙂



4 thoughts on “True Review: Persona Paper

  1. As one of the newer members of the Persona Paper community, I vouch for everything SandraLynn has stated here. I’m excited to be part of what will be the ground floor of this community as it grows.

    If you love to write — or simple have lots to say and can get your thoughts written down — I hope you’ll consider giving Persona Paper a try.

  2. I have to agree with all Sandra Lynn has said here. Persona Paper has become my favorite writing site, and there’s something special about being part of something new and watching it grow. I hope many other good writers will keep joining us.

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