Understaffed and Overworked?

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Understaffed and OverworkedIt’s Friday and I’m supposed to be here uploading a gazillion hair shaving videos. That is just plain not going to happen today. Besides being understaffed and overworked around here, there are things happening that are so far beyond my control that I simply had to let them go.

I probably knew it last night but was reluctant to admit it.

Right now I am waiting on 5 videos to be uploaded to the hosting platform; with a 6th and 7th yet to even begin the process. I have as much done as can be done until those are done.

Because of my physical limitations for two weeks and the actual fact that for much of the rest of today I cannot physically be here in this chair, added to some serious techy stuff happening right along this whole process, I’d say things have been going along just as well as usual! πŸ™‚

Am I stressed?

Heavens no.

I do feel crazy horrible because I want to get the videos up and I have other posts planned and I’m already going to be shooting the second update this coming Sunday and…

…tis what it is. I keep telling myself.

The Hair It Is page is looking pretty darn snazzy. And I am proud of the work I’ve done on everything. Plus my hair is growing pretty well for the most part. I’m not really understaffed and overworked. I’m resting when I need to (I have no choice) and I’m tending to the offline things (and people) that need tending. I do miss my PP Peeps, however.

No worries. As soon as everything is up and I get this all purtied up, we can return to normal (HAHA) around here. Monday, Wednesday, Friday blog posts (because we’ve done that never this month) and visiting with friends again, as well as weekly updates to Tina’s Kitchen and Your Top 8 – you know, NORMAL. πŸ™‚


Please do stay tuned. Though it looks like it will be Monday before you see any of me shaving my head bald, I promise you, they are coming – including the one where I reduced the whole darn thing to just under 3 minutes, muted my voice, and gave it a cool electro beat.

~ Cheers

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