USA: Angry, Divided, Untrusting – Trump Tweets WHAT?

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President-elect Donald Trump recently tweeted that our country is angry, divided, and untrusting.

I agree.

He also said that many folks believe this will never change. And in big old caps, declared that IT WILL CHANGE.

USA: Angry, Divided, Untrusting

I hope so.

But I have a hard time trusting he can lead us to that change. President-elect Trump has said and done a whole lot of things and many of those things may be classified as angry, geared to keeping us divided, and within those parameters, perhaps not all that trustworthy.

I’m also wondering whether or not he will keep on tweeting, once he’s POTUS, or will someone somewhere compel him to put down his phone and run the country.

Really run it. Make the changes he says will and rid the country, our great United States of America, of the hate that has been growing for…well, we’ve got some anger management issues, to say the least.

I have a hard time trusting that President-elect Trump will implement the changes needed to turn our country around and at least get us all reading the same book, maybe the same chapter…

…and maybe even the same page?

Not all of us. Certainly.

You can’t please all the people all the time.

Too absolute.

What we need is a re-lesson. A better understanding of how to move forward cohesively. Our USA is damaged. And until we come together, play nicely, and allow others their opinions without judgement, we will remain damaged. Broken. Hateful, angry, divided, and yes. Untrusting.

Is President-elect Trump the man to lead us forward?

I honestly don’t know. Guess we’re all going to find out in just a few days. Good luck and God Bless us ALL.


Sandra Lynn



I’m going to attempt to better acquaint myself with politics in America. I am hopeful that throughout, whatever I choose to blog about in regard to politics in general and President Donald Trump specifically, we can converse respectfully with each other. Help me learn to be better involved, better equipped to understand. I ask this with an open mind and also ask that you keep one, too.

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…and we are just getting started!

Is President-elect Trump the man to lead us forward?



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