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Video: Full Length – Shaving My Head Bald

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Full Length Shaving My Head BaldI am so excited to be bringing you the entire (minus several minutes of silliness and fluff – you’re welcome) full length video of me shaving my head bald. Though it took a couple weeks to get everything in order, once I get these initial videos posted, things will be a lot smoother going forward. Learning a new (to me) video editing program, finding out some ins and outs at Vimeo, and having to deal with some personal issues didn’t help matters BUT we are here. Finally. YAY!

What can you expect in this video?

  • The entire weepy intro plus the cuts.
  • Shaving my head with guards #4 and #2.
  • Shaving my head bald with no guard.
  • The wrap up and end.

If you aren’t familiar with my style, you should know… I don’t script my videos. I also haven’t made any (besides my Ice Bucket Challenge Vid) in quite some time, so I’m a little rusty. Add to that the fact that this is also emotional for me and…well…as the hubs is fond of saying one of reasons he fell in love with me: I say what I mean and I mean what I say even if sometimes it comes out sideways. Tis what it is.

Full Length – Shaving My Head Bald

So yah. There’s that. I make no apologies. Later on I’m sharing this whole thing split into 3 parts and then seriously shortened and sped up, for those of you who want to watch it really fast and furious. I’m proud of all of it. The cutting, shaving, filming, editing, and now the building of what looks like is going to be a wicked awesome series of growing my hair out.

I hadn’t really thought it through when I decided to shave my head bald.

I hadn’t really thought it through when I decided G should film it.

I hadn’t really thought it through when I decided we should put it up here.

And now it’s become this whole big thing.

Well. Just a lil series of me shaving my head bald and then growing it out again.

I hope you enjoy it and I truly hope you’ll come along for the weekly progress updates throughout the grow-out process. Shaving it and shaping it is going to be just as fun as what you see above (minus the tears, I promise).

YAY! Thanks for watching and “see” you soon!

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9 thoughts on “Video: Full Length – Shaving My Head Bald

  1. Sandi – I’m in awe of the courage that you show and the never ending strength that you possess. We, as people, do not stop to look beyond a person’s face to see what they may be enduring in their daily life and the struggles that one has to go through just to make it to the end of that day. I applaud you for bringing this out in the open. You have a kind and very endearing soul. Your inspiration alone is magnificent and your approach to dealing with things are spot one girl! It was very humbling and emotional to watch this video and to be brought into a portion of your life. Thank you my friend and keep on keeping.

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