Video: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas – sung by MD!

Video: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas – sung by MD!

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Video: I'm Dreaming of a White ChristmasYou know I planned to be here with a video message this Christmas Eve. And here we are – the night before Christmas (not a soul is stirring because as usual, I’m up at some ridiculous hour – ah, I love this thing I do. Truly, I am so blessed to do what I do…). But I told you that I’d stop by today and share a special holiday message with all of you.

What I didn’t plan on was having someone dear to me do it better than I ever could. That’s what you get for living a life full of un-expectations and genuine joy for all the moments that happen along the way.

Rather than hear me blather on (as mentioned in this short video), you may all simply enjoy a lovely Christmas song, sung by my talented bonus daughter – who very nearly always says yes – when we ask her to share her voice. How darn lucky am I that she gave her blessing for you to enjoy it too…

Have a listen. Just a little impromptu’ rendition…

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Gotta love that bonus kid’o’mine (and how fortunate I am to be in her life – NOT just because she can sing, mind you). Now, I’m not sure we’ll have our white Christmas this year; but I do know we’ll be sharing our Awesome Sauce tradition of opening stockings at her house with her mom (G’s ex). We’ve been doing it for…well, this year makes it 8…and it is absolutely one of my most favorite parts of Christmas.

Our blended family sometimes doesn’t make sense to some folks. But it works for us and and that is due to all of us working to do just that! It’s not always easy and it’s very nearly never perfect. But it’s us, we are extremely blessed, and we are dedicated to our success. Period. (a little impromptu’ Christmas Eve lesson from San right there!)

And for those of you who stop by later today, I’ll be sharing MD singing O’Holy Night, too. She gives me chills – what a voice.

I hope for everyone a wonderful holiday and that you receive every good thing you ask for. Whatever your reason for this season, just be happy – there is simply no reason not to.

Happy Holidays, Love, San




Please Note: the quality of this video isn’t my best (as those of you who follow along can attest). It was such an impromptu’ thing that I did the best I could. The message is there, her voice is clear – as is mine – blessings to you and yours from me and mine, this holiday season and always!

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