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Video: Intro – Why I’m Shaving My Head Bald

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Why I'm Shaving My Head BaldBack on October 5th – no wait, let’s go back even further…because I’ve been planning this for quite some time – shaving my head bald. I just hope I’ve explained why I’m shaving my head bald, well enough. Or why I did it; since it’s done, already. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to explain it exactly right for everyone to understand. And anyone who watches the video (coming later today with all the versions – I went a touch crazy with editing several different…) may or may not understand the why. That’s okay. I know why I did it.

The why of it is important to note, even if you cannot understand it personally. At least you may accept that I needed to do it for me.

And this intro – why I’m shaving my head bald?

I’ve got to warn you. It is WEEPY! Filled with tears as I try to tell you a tiny bit of what we’ve been through (as a family) over the last year. It doesn’t matter, though. Not right now. You are here to watch me shave my head bald.

This here is the intro to that. The rest will follow.

Introduction – Why I’m Shaving My Head Bald

It has taken just over 2 weeks to pull all this together and get everything organized properly (the way I want it, honestly), due to physical and technical issues beyond my control. And perhaps a bit of self doubt, as well. But I am determined to tell a story here. Shaving my head bald and growing it out again – we’re going to film the entire process – is all a part of that.


I do hope you’ll come along for this hair raising adventure!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing


Stay tuned as I roll out the rest of the “Shaving My Head Bald” videos today. Still to come?

…and later this week, last Sunday’s (10.12) update video AND yesterday’s (10.19) update video – yes, there is more shaving going on. 🙂 Go on and subscribe – right up at the tippy top of the page to not miss out on those and any other updates going forward. YAY!

Just so’s ya know…

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9 thoughts on “Video: Intro – Why I’m Shaving My Head Bald

  1. You know, I can’t think of a better reason to make this change than your determination to have a new start — to try to live life on your own terms and that of your family in spite of the pain and the illness.

    I’m sorry that you’ve been going through this for so long and continue to do so now. The anxiety of the not knowing must at times equal or exceed the pain of the headaches.

    I support you in your willingness and determination to move forward. Anything that I can possibly do to be of some assistance is yours for the asking.

  2. My dear, San…I just want you to know that I simply love you. Period.
    Whatever it is that you have gone through in the last year, whatever the diagnosis/partial diagnosis (have I missed it somewhere?), always remember that you are LIVING. Every day you are continuing to make a difference in someone’s world…as you make a difference in mine, though I have not told you enough. I love. you.

    • @CoralLevang – And I love you, my funny, fabulous, inspirational friend! You haven’t missed the partial. I haven’t named it online yet. I will, soon. It’s not “that big” a deal. I’m just taking my time to digest it. And you are right. I am LIVING and I do try to be the change. Thank you for your kind words – as you know, they matter! This for me, was emotional. Something I had to do. So I did. You KNOW me. As I do, you. So you understand. I know that, too. And I love you, true. <3

      • Ah, yes, I do. You and I are cut from the same bolt of cloth in many ways. I remember when I shaved my head. NO one understood it, and most thought it was my “coming out” gesture, which is not (nor ever has been) the case. *laughs*

        • @CoralLevang – I’m not sure I could ever fully explain so that everyone understands. But some will realize it better than others. Like you 🙂 …bottom line – something I can control right now. Period. 🙂

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