Video: Just Be Happy This Holiday Season

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During the editing of Week 9 Update – Hair, Holidays, New Look, and Love, I realized that there was a message within that video.

So I yanked it out and here it is: Just Be Happy This Holiday Season.

Perhaps you should watch this short little snippet first, and then I’ll go into a bit more detail down below! I have to believe it’s simple, really…

Just Be Happy This Holiday Season

So yah. Just be happy. It seems simple but it’s not. For some people it appears to be a real issue. I don’t want to call anybody out here – I just want everyone to be happy this holiday season. To do that,  we all should give and receive whatever greetings we feel most comfortable saying to one another.

I personally like “Happy Holidays”. I’m not even sure why, exactly. It is not because I wanted to include OR exclude anyone during this giving-est of months. Rather, I simply like it. Period. And there is so much negativity in the world these days that worrying about what you hear when someone opens their mouth to wish you good tidings should be the least of your concerns. Just be happy they took the time to give you a sincere wish. PERIOD.

Again. Simple? Let’s make it so.

Just Be Happy This Holiday Season!

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Hannukah

Happy Festivus (a made up holiday for the rest of us)

Merry Christmas

Happy Soltice

Happy New Year


Whomever you are, whatever you celebrate, just be happy this holiday season and I’ll do my darn best to be the same.

Happy Holidays, Love, San






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If I’ve left any holidays out up there, please be sure to let me know. Celebrations of all kinds truly fascinate me and as I always say, “time spent learning is never wasted time”!

#PositivityBegetsPositivity #PassItOn

What do YOU celebrate this holiday season? What are your traditions for doing so? Please share below…



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  1. Happy holidays — just wishing you and everyone happy days, period. And since happiness is a fleeting sort of emotion, what I think I truly wish for everyone are contented days. We can be content even with life’s ups and downs when we put it all into the correct perspective. : )

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