Video: O’Holy Night – sung by MD!

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O'Holy Night…and then there was this, directly following the other. If you notice the camera shaking, it’s because my eyes were watering and she was giving me chills. Please enjoy this video, another impromptu’ rendition – O’Holy Night.

Did you miss my holiday video message? Find it here and enjoy another impromptu’ rendition – I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, sung by MD! And just so’s ya know, she hasn’t quit her day job yet (full time college student earning a double major as well as being very involved with community-building on campus and off) but if she ever does… šŸ˜‰

O’Holy Night – Sung by MD!

Yes. It’s true, we tend to believe (as parents) that our kids can do anything (and no, I’m not taking credit for this one; I merely got to learn from K and G) but I am reminded of how fortunate we are for this amazing young woman and all that she brings to our family unit. As well, that we are even more lucky that my kiddo is coming up right behind her, no less talented – though in her own right – and that they are BOTH, two of the most generous, kind-hearted, and loving people you would ever want to meet.

And nope. They aren’t perfect, those girls. Just perfectly imperfect in every way. As parents, we certainly take some credit for having raised ’em up right (whatever that means) but more so that each of our girls simply gets “it”. In that regard, we lucked out. And we are blessed.

Once again, wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy Holiday!


Sandra Lynn



Thanks again, MD – for sharing your lovely voice with all of us. I love you true, Boo. And I’ll see you in the morning for presents and pancakes, YAY! ā™„

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