Video: Week 6 Hair UPDate – Blending – 6-2-1.5!

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Week 6 Hair UpdateHere we are with our week 6 hair update (the real week 6, I said) and we are blending today. YAY! I don’t want to give too much away before you watch the video but it’s a multi-guard experience, people.


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I had to. We (me and that mouse in my pocket) were starting to look a bit straggly. Yikes. So yes, Blending. With a #6, a #2, and a #1.5. And it is FABuLOUS. Of course. I wouldn’t tell you any different, even if I happened to mess it all up and had to re-shave it bald…

Okay, yes, I would. But that didn’t happen. Not in this week 6 hair update.

Let’s just watch, shall we? YAY!

Week 6 Hair UPDate – Blending – 6-2-1.5!

Oh My Gosh. I know. Another almost 15 minute video. Well. There is a LOT of shaving going on in this video. AND… if you must know… The original video was more than 25 minutes, uncut. So I’m feeling pretty. darn. good. about shaving (pun intended) more than 10 minutes off the length.

You Are Responsible(the above meme clears us both – ya see 😉 )

Now, going forward? I can’t even believe we are solidly into week 7 of this crazy whole shaving my head bald series. What a wild ride it has been so far. I want to thank everyone who has been here from the beginning and also welcome anyone who is just joining us. I promise that there is so much more to come as we all discover just how my hair is growing out, what I’ll do next with it, and what will happen along the way that we’ll simply have to deal with as it comes.

Stay tuned, you know I’m bringin’ it to you, and I will “see” you soon!

~ Cheers

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