Week One One Guard Trim

Video: Week One Update – One Guard Trim!

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Week One One Guard TrimHere we are, finally. Almost caught up. Getting there, anyway. 2 1/2 weeks after the original shave and with this post I’m sharing the week one update – one guard trim. YAY! This video is a tad long as I did a bunch of talking…

Hey. I’ve never said I wasn’t wordy; either by text or video. Tis what it is, I say.

And I do appreciate those who take the time to read and listen. Truly. 🙂

However, I also understand sometimes lengthy is just darn too long. Which is why I did this for ya. I rather like it, too. There will be more of that down the road, I reckon. YAY!

But in THIS video, I catch you up on the week with the growth and then I’m off and shaving. What little there is to take off, that is. I have a plan, I said. Let’s just watch!

Week One Update – One Guard Trim!

Pretty easy, right? It’s funny (strange…). I know that my hair has been falling out for some time but for all my life it has always grown rather quickly. It seems to be doing that now, too. I think the reason it wasn’t getting any longer than it past my shoulders was perhaps, for a variety of reasons; but boy HOWDY. At this length? It’s growing well and good. Or maybe I’m just wishing on it. Either way, I hope you enjoy this week one update of the growing out process after shaving my head bald. One more update (last Sunday’s 2nd week update – coming this Friday) and we should be right on track going forward.

I do so like to be organized. As best as this condition of mine allows me. Yikes. Plus, I have plenty MORE to post about, not JUST about hair and I’m happy to bring that to you, too. Stay tuned and “see” you soon!

~ Cheers

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Do you have a fun and funky and/or fabulous idea for how I should grow my hair out? It’s a clean slate, currently. Share your ideas below – cut, color, whatever. I’m open for any and all suggestions. GO 🙂 And remember, sharing is caring! Thank you!

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