How To Crochet: The Waffle Stitch – perfect for scarves, dishcloths and more!

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I keep going back to the same few folks over at YouTube for learning to crochet different items. This waffle stitch is no different. In fact, it was the first thing I crocheted after discovering that my visual learning abilities could be satiated by watching crocheting-on-YouTube videos. I am so in love with this waffle stitch. I’m not sure if it’s because it was my first or that I made something for my mom (who told me all about the videos), but I just love this stitch. I think you will, too.

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So. It is no surprise that Sarah-Jane from Bella Coco is featured here, again. I love her, she has taught me so much. Her crochet videos are so easy to follow and when you finish, you know you will have a beautiful piece. Every. Single. Time. She walked me through the entire baby girl blanket I recently shipped off to Lyn and Rich for their little bundle of joy*!

The Waffle Stitch

Sarah-Jane is only one of my favorites, I’ll be sharing my top (insert random number here) soon, stay tuned. But for now, you have got to try this waffle stitch.

How to Crochet: The Waffle Stitch

…isn’t it stunning? And it doesn’t make you the least bit hungry, either. 🙂

I whipped up my mom’s scarf while she was here in March.


I then made some fabulous dishcloths, using this waffle stitch.


And I am now working on another scarf, this one is for me.

I don’t even have a winter coat, yet. I’ll be a lot smaller by the Winter. So I’ll match my coat to my scarf (and cap, though I haven’t started that, yet).


Isn’t it totes adorbs? And how last year am I?? Still…

…I love this waffle stitch. Brilliant texture for so many types of yarn and the results are simply stunning. Thank you again, Bella Coco. I’ll be over later today, as I am finishing up some placemats and want to try your block edging for the finish. YAY!

And for the rest of you, go see Sarah-Jane. She’s got the goods to help you hook better!


Sandra Lynn



*Meet Lyn and Rich’s little bundle of joy!


photo courtesy of Lyn Lomasi, Write Wave Media, used with permission

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And what is YOUR favorite crochet stitch?



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