Week 13 Hair Update – No Video, Just Words

Week 13 Hair Update – No Video, Just Words

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There was supposed to be a video today but THAT isn’t happening. No video, just words. Week 13 hair update. Yep. Here it is the new year and we are growing well and GOOD with this head of hair, I’ll tell ya.

No Video, Just Words!

I’ll be showing you, too. I promise. I even did something crazy, too.

I colored it.

Yes. I broke down, gave in, and got out a box of hair color. I didn’t do it for any other reason than I was beginning to feel like I had a hairy brillo pad on my head. No Video, Just Words!

Yes, there is that much white mixing with the dark brown to make grey. Yikes.

I’m liking the new color so far. A lovely shade of dark brown that had some beautiful caramel highlights in it, thanks to the white. Again, I’ll be showing you, I promise. Just not today. No video, just words.

And why is that?

Well. I made it through the holiday break relatively unscathed. We had a great holiday and everyone is back to work and school in fabulous fashion. However, this past Saturday, I began having one of my higher elevated pain days and I am still in the midst of this episode.

Yah. It’s Wednesday. Ugh.

Stupid chronic condition (Fibromyalgia) that I have no control over and is complicated by a 24/7 migraine that makes no sense and has all my doctors stumped. So I’ve spent a very large portion of the last 4 days in bed NOT DOING this thing I love.


Unfortunately, because I can’t control it and I have no choice when the pain gets to a certain point, I have to do what my body tells me. I can try to fight it but that just means I’m down for longer.

Which is why there is no video, just words, today. I tried to fight it and lost that battle HARD yesterday.

Sad face = 🙁

Still, I woke up this morning, determined to shoot something. Until I looked in the mirror and saw the face starring back at me. Tried to utter a few words out loud (yes, the speech is affected, too) and knew that there would be no video today. Just words on “paper”.

So. While I can’t share with you this awesome new color – that totally won’t last long because NEXT WEEK WE ARE SHAVING AGAIN – today…

…I will say that I am choosing smartly. After I get this post shared with you, I will get back to resting so as to not turn this into WEEKS of laying flat. And I will be here next week with a hair video update.

As I shouted out above, we will be shaving this head again. YAY! More details in that video. Or series of vids, since there will be some serious catching up to do. Oh. And OMGosh – one of my FAVORITE YouTube viewers of all time shaved his head bald recently, too. We’ll be sharing his video here as well, so stay tuned for that.

In the mean time, there is plenty to keep you amused. Lots of great life lessons, a new website collaboration with The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, and be on the look out in the coming days as I begin re-working “Your Top 8”  into a whole new website of its own.

I’m going to need some writer help with that, so please bear that in mind and check in often.

That’s about it for Week 13 Hair Update. My apologies that there is no video, just words. Tis what it is, however. I am learning to live within certain parameters and while it sucks – I know that yelling at the rain to stop, won’t make it so.

I will be here next week in video for some shaving going on – stay sane, keep it real, and “see” you soon!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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If you would like to share your hair cutting or shaving video with the world, let me know and we’ll get it out there. Sharing is caring and we do care to share, personally and informatively – for the betterment of all our lives: mind, body, and spirit!



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