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On Hiatus - Stay Informed

Hi folks. Short and sweet. Following my breathing issues, I slipped into a severe pain episode and have been there for some time. I haven't been here in more than a year and have now relented to being admitted to the hospital to go through the heavy dose ...

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A Saturday Post. What? Let's Catch Up!

I know, I know, I don't normally do a Saturday post. But here I am and here you are and we are here and...well, it's high time we catch up a little. I haven't been here in a week or so (on the front end) and though that ...

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Microdermabrasion without Chemicals? It Works with Baiden Mitten!

****Warning**** Some images contained within may be graphic. These are actual photos of my results with the Baiden Mitten. Yep, some of it is gross. But boy HOWDY. The results are incredible. You've been warned. I am not one for putting a bunch of products in, on, or around my ...

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Where Have All the Words Gone?

I'm burnt. Like toast. In fact, as I sit here, wondering where have all the words gone - having worked through 3 different posts before this one, I worry that I may have completely lost it. Completely. Lost. It. That can't be possible. I hope. But I am burned out ...

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Good Christians are the Reason Why...

Good Christians are the reason why I don’t call myself a Christian anymore. Leave now if that upsets you. Because I’m hopefully going to bring it all around in the end, but I’m going to take a curvy road to get there. I suspect those with an open mind ...

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How to Make a Chore Chart - that WORKS!

This how-to is super simple and super fun, too. But the best best part about this chore chart is that it works. Forget the past lists, ta-DO's, and/or whatever else you've been using to compel/nag/sweetly coerce your children into doing their chores. The following method for how to ...

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The Daily 2 Minute Room Tidy Rule for Tweens

The daily 2 minute room tidy rule for tweens does not have to ONLY apply to tweens. This rule is universal and can work for folks of all ages. In fact, if you apply this daily 2 minute room tidy rule to each room of your house, you ...

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Don't Do, Teach! Life Lesson #71

It's been awhile since we've had a life lesson and I'm excited to share this one with you, today. That's not to say we've not been doing some learning around here, always. We began this month with sharing (informatively) all about Mags Room Challenge 2015 and this life ...

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Hi there, Peeps! We’ve got some exciting things happening here at Informed Sharing. Up above you’ll see a handy slide that tells you what’s TRENDING NOW. Be sure to check out this post to discover your very important and 1st life lesson to a healthy YOU this year and always.

Down below, you’ll find a fabulous image-centric list of posts here at Informed Sharing. If you are looking for a specific item, simply find the category and click through to be taken to the list and find exactly what you want. Categories are automatically updated each time a new post is published.

If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas about what you’d like to see here, please don’t hesitate to contact me. All serious inquiries replied to within 48 hours. Thank you, kindly and keep on keepin’ on, always! ♥


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