Happy-New-Year-2015Latest News – December 31st – January 1st

I used to sorta kinda totally and COMPLETELY freak out on the eve of a new year. It was this weird and crazy thing with me, that I felt I had to run around trying to “accomplish” (??) everything I’d neglected to do over the past 12 months.

Ridiculous. It can’t be done. And yet I would get myself all worked up about it, anyway.

As I got older, wiser, and quite honestly – into a relationship with someone who keeps me on a more sane path most of the time – I quit doing that. Just flat out stopped. You can’t fit 12 months into 24 hours. Period.

So today I’m here wrapping up the old and preparing for the new – comfortable that it was a good year, considering. I’m still here, not there; and I’m better for what I’ve learned over the course of this last year, too. Ready to take on the next 12 months and give it all I’ve got – which certainly will vary from moment to moment!

My ONE New Year’s Resolution?

You may visit that right here, as well, you will discover what my goals are for Informed Sharing in 2015. I am wicked excited for all of it and so glad to be sharing much of it with the likes of all of you.

There are some changes happening around here and you’ll note those as we move forward into the new year. The homepage here will receive a face-lift and be easier to navigate. I’ve been wanting to implement this feature for awhile now, but wasn’t able to build all the components – watch carefully as that unfolds. It will help make it so you can find what you want and be a tad more automated so that I may concentrate on other important tasks, too.

One such task is completely redoing “Your Top 8”. I have been noodling this for some time now and last night I hit upon the plan. I won’t be sharing details just yet, but that build out is also coming quite soon. As it does involve bringing contributors here to Informed Sharing, I’ll have more details coming soon about all of it – stay tuned!

And we have officially launched The Gluten-Free Foodsmith – a foodie blog, run by my dear friend, Tina Marie – which will be replacing her old spot here, “Tina’s Kitchen”. I’ll be doing some work on that page in the next day or so, too – stay tuned.

There you have it. Out with the old and in with the new…so. much. new. I can barely contain it, people. Seriously. πŸ™‚ But I know most of all that I have to go slow and have patience in order to get it all done and done right. I am ever grateful for those following along and I welcome those just joining us. Stick around, 2015 is going to be one crazy good adventure – for ALL of us.

It adds up to EIGHT, after all πŸ˜‰


β™₯ San β™₯

2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8 Oh, how I love that squishy number!

Welcome to Informed Sharing in December

Latest News – December 25th

It’s FINALLY HERE! Christmas MORNING. I am so excited that I am practically BURSTING over here. For me, the best part of this day is getting watch my loved ones open their gifts. And knowing what we had to work with this year, we went lite, practical, and meaningful – and we “done good”. I can’t wait to see their faces and know that what was gotten will be used and well, the whole year through. Selfish, but true.

I’m taking a few days off from the blog to spend some quality time with the fam but rest assured, we will have driven each other crazy enough by the weekend that I’ll be back to it by Monday – right on schedule! πŸ™‚ Honest and true.

For now, I leave you with a couple of sweet lil Christmas songs – heavenly sung by my bonus daughter (for whom I take no credit – simply a third eye, how darn lucky am I). Enjoy and have a blessed and magical day, however you choose to spend it.


β™₯ San β™₯


Latest News – December 16th

We are off to a GREAT week in this, the most giving-est month of the year. I still can’t believe 2014 is almost over. Whew, it’s just gone so darn quick! Especially the last 4 months, here at Informed Sharing. It seems like only yesterday that I decided to ‘hmmm, maybe dust off that old blog over at the other place’. NOW look at us. WOWZA!

Speaking of which…

I’m about tweaked out for the year – meaning I’m done making all the major tweaks for now, to the site. I am still playing around with the small ones and have some ideas going forward about new pages and scrapping some old – as well as some redesigns. But for now, please enjoy what is here and PUH-lease let me know what isn’t to your liking and I’ll see what I can do about fixin’ ‘er up, ASAP.

Oh, I did build a new page this past weekend and I am wicked excited to share that with you. It’s all about shopping and saving and discounts and freebies and giveaways and coupons and…well, have a look.

Shop & Save - great days every day; along with freebies and giveaways, too!
Click the banner and have a peek!

Keep in mind that most of what you’ll find upon our Shop & Save page is sponsored by my affiliations with different brands. However, this doesn’t mean you pay more for products; quite the opposite, in fact. I find the savings and pass them on to you. As we grow this section, I’ll be able to offer more savings, better deals, freebies, and giveaways – as well as share with you all sorts of reviews and ideas about where else to find the best bang for YOUR buck! YAY!

Blog Posts this Week?

Well it seems I’ve been stumbling around a lot and it started when I got on the holiday list at Stumble Upon

I started stumbling through that list and couldn’t help myself, I had to share. Yesterday’s post was all about sharing some last minute holiday ideas…

8 Fun, Food, Gifting Ideas
Click the image to view this post!

…and tomorrow will simply make you feel good! Who knows what I’ll stumble upon for Friday. Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

Looking ahead for the Christmas week, it may be quiet around here. The kiddo will be home and I do want to spend some quality time with her. The hubs is done teaching till mid-January, too! Hopefully I can encourage a wee bit of down time for him, as well (fingers crossed).

I will be here on Christmas Eve – in video form, as promised – and I do want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and truly AMAZING holiday this year – whatever you are celebrating, make it good!

Oh. One last thing.

Remember that I gave a shout out to Lyn and Rich in this video? I’m asking for some good vibes, happy thoughts, prayers, whatever you may have to give – as Rich is currently in ICU awaiting news on a mass found in his chest. They are hoping to know more later today and Lyn also arrives to be by his side today – thank GOODNESS! I will see them both later in the week – fingers crossed! Thanks in advance for your good wishes! β™₯

That’s it for now, I do believe. Keep it real, stay sane, and no worries, I’ll “see” you soon!

β™₯ San β™₯

PS: here’s my post that made the holiday list at SU and here’s one that has been liked almost 2000 times there. WOW. For me, that’s just crazy! I am crazy blessed, I say. Follow me at SU to see what else I may stumble upon – it’s darn fun, fresh, and fabulous!

Latest News – December 7th

Well, I am rounding up my “week off” and boy HOWDY what a fun week it has been. Some of you may have noticed that I wasn’t as “gone” as I may have thought I might be, originally.

Yah. That whole “I’m considering a theme change…” thing turned into a major overhaul of the siteΒ and I’m still tweaking things as the week winds down. Tis okay, though. I’m stoked for the new theme and the versatility it provides in customization here at Informed Sharing. I love being able to get in there and work the back end to fit my vision. To that end, I am always open to suggestions from you and for what you would like to see going forward. I learned a heaping helping mess of good this week in many different aspects (not just changing the theme) and I will be implementing them AND sharing them as we go.

If you are interested in getting to know more about this GeneratePress theme and all the goodies that come with it, go visit Tom@GeneratePress. Tell him Sandra Lynn says HELLO – he is simply FABuLOUS when it comes to all things customer service related!

With this theme change came some unexpected good things, as well as some things that need rearranging. Please bear with me as I continue making those changes. Again, if you see something that I missed – smack me in the face with it; I’m but one girl in this world… I thank you kindly! πŸ˜‰

What’s to Come This Week?

I’ve got 3 great posts scheduled already and am working on some others that I may or may not squeeze in this week. I’m still keeping with my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule and YES, that means there will be a Video Hair Update this coming Wednesday! Week(s) 8 and 9 combined. Stay tuned for more details on that as I think you’ll be surprised at what I’ve decided to do for the rest of this month.

As this is the holiday season, things are getting festive around here, too. I’ll hopefully be sharing some of that with you throughout the coming weeks but keep in mind, I was NOT at ALL prepared for this December in regard to Ho Ho HO! At least not for the site. Given that we’ve risen so quickly in views and readership, I really want to focus on making sure everyone is getting what they came for when they stop by our little slice of heaven. I am dedicated and passionate to this cause (again, more on that with this week’s Hair Update).

Alrighty, that’s about all for now. I hope your week is ending up swell and that this new one treats you might fine and good! Stay sane, keep it real, and “see” you soon!

β™₯ San β™₯

A Winter Wonderland

Latest News – December 3rd

Here we are, 3 days into the giving-est of months and it is time for another latest news UPDate on the homepage. Happy December to you. And you and you and YOU, way over THERE! Helloooo, everyone! I hope you all are just fine and dandy (whatever that means – it sounds good, doesn’t it?).

You may have noticed that I wrote a post on Monday, the 1st, stating that I would be “out of the office” this week. Tis true – mostly. I needed to catch up on some things around here, in all aspects, and…well…that doesn’t mean I’m not here. I’m just not HERE. But I am working behind the scenes this week on the site, as well as taking care of the other things I mentioned in that post (yes, I am resting, too, I promise), and I will be back at it right as rain and on schedule next Monday!

I’m considering a theme change here on the site. I love my colors but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. I can’t describe it exactly…I suppose I didn’t even have to bring it up; except to mention that if you notice weird changes happening in the next few days, it’s just me, playing around on the back end. Pay no mind. I’m just figuring things out…

Also. WEEK 8 HAIR VIDEO UPDATE. It is NOT LOST on me that 8 is my favorite number and I missed out on bringing you that update this week. You should SEE the way my hair is growing, too. No worries, you will. Stay tuned, as I combine week 8 AND 9, which will go out next Wednesday (the 10th) right on schedule!

Oh, I’ve found some AWEsome new hair and skin products – ALL NATURAL! And I’m wicked excited to share them with you. Yes, I am an affiliate with this company but remember – I don’t pimp, promote, or share anything I don’t believe in 100%. If for any reason, I find down the line, that someone isn’t living up to my beliefs, I’ll pull my association. Simple as that. But these people are amazing – customer service, product line, the how and why of each item – I am super impressed and excited to share them with you.

Effective Safe Natural & Organic Hair & Skin Care. Handmade Fresh in the USA

As December is the giving-est month of the year, I will be sharing many more products throughout the month that may help make your gift giving easier this holiday season. I’ll also be hosting and/or sharing some giveaways, too. YAY! Gifts for you and your loved ones. A win-win-win for all of us (yes, I get to test many of these products before sending them on – how darn lucky am I?!!!).

I will also try not to overload you with too many reviews/product placements and/or ads. I am trying to find a healthy balance for all of us, while honestly working to earn a living to continue doing this thing I love – sharing informative AND personal posts and pages for the betterment of all our lives; mind, body, and spirit. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated as we grow together in this endeavor. πŸ™‚

Thank you for stopping by!

β™₯ San β™₯

Β Welcome to Informed Sharing in November

Latest News – November 28th – December 1st

**** Black Friday – Cyber Monday ****

We are kicking off the holiday shopping season with the best deals, right here at Informed Sharing, and you don’t want to miss the savings! From now until Cyber Monday, you can save on a multitude of items for everyone on your gift list this year, whether you brave the stores or wish to shop from the comfort of your coziest spot at home.

Begin with this post featuring 4 SWEET online deals for you and yours this holiday shopping season! With everything from wine to bath oils and warm fuzzy robes to wrap up in afterward, you don’t want to miss the deals going on above!

But WAIT, there’s MORE! A late arrival to the specials going on here, don’t forget to dress your best for all your holiday parties – and every day life, too – and SAVE a fortune while doing so. With everything from Women’s, Men’s, and Kid’s, to Outerwear, Plus sizes, shoes and MORE – has the style to fit your fashion.
Thanksgiving Sale at TBdress! Shop Now

…top to bottom…

Thanksgiving Sale at TBdress! Shop Now


Now through Monday get FREE standard shipping on all orders $89 dollars+ at Start saving with coupon code: TBBF10 when you spend $99 NOW through 12.1.14 (more coupon codes found here!)

And then…

Mending the Piggy Bank!

Okay, now pay attention, because I’m about to share some GIVEAWAY STUFF with YOU! Yah, free stuff and more coupons and Oh Em Gee, the savings just keep getting better! I met a girl named Brianna (in cyber space) who has a website devoted completely to saving us all dough. I’m so excited about this because not only did I stumble upon this site all by myself, I then discovered she also belongs to an awesome group (same as me). Who KNEW? Well I told her how THANKFUL I was for her saving ways and she was grateful in return. But I wanted to do something MORE. As it turns out, she’s doing some AWEsome Sauce Black Friday stuff on HER blog and – yikes, I’m “yelling” a lot, I know; I’m excited (no apologies) – and…I want to share those with you.

Now, the best way to get in on all her best savings are to do two things (in my humble opinion):

Go like her page on Facebook!

Go bookmark her website – Mending the Piggy Bank! Us cool kids call it simply, “the Piggy”…

Beginning around 6am this morning, Brianna will be sharing wicked smart deals as she finds them – and trust me, this savvy saver finds ’em good – with us on her site. She’s also going to be doing flash giveaways throughout the day on her Facebook Fan page and you DO NOT want to MISS the free stuff, either. She promises to mend all our banks right through till midnight tonight so sit tight, we’re all going to save, Save, SAVE and get some great deals on gifts for the whole family, too.

PS: Brianna also told me that she’ll still be in the giving mood on Cyber Monday too, but there might be some little ones around to keep her on her toes. My advice is to keep checking in often. The way this girl shares the savings, I’d say she is dedicated to the piggy for ALL of us!

And keep an eye out here and on my own Facebook Fan Page, too. I’ll be shadowing and sharing cool deals and coupon codes from all over the place, from now until Cyber Monday at 11:59pm. Who knows what kind of crazy good deals I’ll find to bring to you.

Stay tuned and Happy Savings.

β™₯ San β™₯

Latest News – November 25th

Oh My Gosh! Two days until the most THANKFUL day of the YEAR. wooHOO! Of course, it isn’t the only day we can be thankful; but folks do tend to be extra specially giving on this day of thankin’. And then there is the FOOD, too. Please remember not to over stuff yourselves. Yikes. G and I are doing it smart again this year and taking ourselves OUT for the day. No leftovers, no mess, and no me, sneaking plates full of food at some ridiculous hour…day or night, breakfast or dinner. Or lunch, even. We figure the cost is the same and the less carbs I have to fight with, the better. Carbs are not my best friend (we’ll discuss that come the first of the year or so…). Um…moving on…

So. What’s New?

I’ve been crazy thankful the past several days and happily so. I had a post just about ready to go for last Friday and then I just chucked it and said, eh…I’d rather share some thankin’ stuff. I can’t possibly fit everybody and everything in personally; but hopefully I’ve covered just about all of it. You can see the first 5 down below:

…and know that the last two will post tomorrow and Thursday, respectively. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. As best as I can, always. πŸ™‚

Ooooh! Papi (G) made a guest stop in my week 7 UPdate vid this week. That will also post tomorrow and hopefully I’ll remember to run back over here to link it up so everyone can see his cuteness. Otherwise, you’ll see it at Hair It Is – Page 2 (yes, it’s UP, peeps, YAY) and as the regular old blog post, too.Β  I really am so very thankful for him – every darn day of the year! β™₯

As for the rest of the week, stay tuned. FRIDAY will be a FUN day of SHOPPING here at INFORMED SHARING. If everything goes as planned, I’m hoping to have all kinds of specials going on for all of you, right here at the site. I am not keen on the idea of folks having to work in the stores on Thanksgiving, but I am all about shopping in pj’s and saving money, too. Hopefully we’ll be able to have a grand time doing so. If I don’t have the hook up here, I do know others who do – trust me – you’ll save some dough. YAY!

And that’s about it for this latest news UPdate. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a splendid holiday – there’s just no reason not to!

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Visitors

Latest News – November 15th

What a crazy quick week it was – seeming to simply fly right by – whew! As I sit here, slightly foggy but content – I can recall that it was a good week, overall. The higher level of pain I began the week with was much improved (back down to a normal 6 or so) by yesterday. YAY! So just what did transpire throughout? Let’s see…

I realized something about my dad that I hadn’t really thought about in all my years upon this earth – with and without him here. So I gave a little tribute to him in honor of Veterans Day:

Honoring His LegacyVeterans Day – Honoring His Legacy and…

Oooh. Well, I hadn’t planned on sharing with you about my condition in quite this way but again, with how the week started, I thought I’d better. And so I did, with this post:

Week 5 β€œhair” Update – Discussing My ConditionDisussing My Condition

Then lastly, I figured I might get us all dolled up for the holidays with some fabulous hairstyles – they really are must-haves:

8 Must Have Hairstyles for the Holidays8 Must-Have Hairstyles for the Holidays! +100 MORE hairstyles included within.

All in all? An AWEsome Sauce week of informed Shares! I am so blessed to be bringing it to you – for the betterment of all our lives – mind, body, and spirit!

What’s New for This NEXT Week?

More of the same, of course! I am filming AND shaving tomorrow. I also have to film a video for PAGE 2 of Hair It Is (yes, I’ll be building that this week, too); and I’ve added a third video to my “film schedule” for tomorrow, as well. It’s a sad tale and while it will end up being quite long, I hope you’ll take a listen. The story of this poor family’s loss and what these animals are going through is only a small piece of a much bigger problem. Stay tuned for that – to be posted (hopefully) on Monday. Even though it was unplanned, I’m squeezing it in, as it tugged on my heart – it will yours, too.

Later in the week, you’ll have the updated shave, more hair talk, and quite possibly we’ll get started with some serious (and not so…) discussion about my condition (I still have trouble calling it Fibro – bear with me, please).

And yes, that IS a Happy Holidays photo up there. I’m in the spirit. Mags says it is WAY too EARLY. I’m normally inclined to agree but I like it and so there it is…tis what it is. πŸ˜‰

Hope ALL is well with you and yours!

Let’s DO this!

β™₯ San β™₯

β™₯ To Our Veterans – Thank You for Your Service β™₯

Short, Medium, Long - What Hairstyle is Right for You?Latest News – November 10th

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. But really what’d I miss – just more stress my own mind creates…

Normally I update the homepage on the weekends – Saturday is when I prefer to do it; for those of you not paying attention. Oh, but I know some of you are and I thank you for not chastising me too much. I was laid out flat again with this crazy, unpredictable chronic condition of mine. Ugh. But no worries. I’m still not 100% (we all know I am not that ever, these days – for any new-comers) but I am here and we have got to catch UP!

What’s New?

We went VIRAL over the weekend, people!!!! Oh Em Gee. Okay. Mini-viral. But for me, this was huge. I’m noodling whether to devote a whole post to the viral-ness or simply let it ride. It has been an exciting adventure so far and I am thankful for each and every one who stopped by. Bottom line? You just never know what you’ll write that will tickle the fancy of someone somewhere out there. Although, I do have some better insight, having seen what happened over this past weekend. Whew! (Yah, there probably will be more on that later…)

Oh, you want to see the most delish viral post? Go here! It was silly and fun and there are pics included. Have fun! πŸ™‚

Picking Up the Weekend Slack?

Because I wasn’t here to do my weekend catch up, I am a tad behind on things but I’m hoping that won’t delay me too much this week. The kiddo does have a day off from school tomorrow, as well; and that may also slide me back a bit further. I cannot over-stress or get overwhelmed by any of it or I’ll land myself right back in lock down (G is a bit of a Nurse Ratchett when it comes to my health – which is irritating AND sweet AND good for me, overall). That said, I wasn’t able to film a video update, yesterday but do hope to get that done today; for Wednesday’s post. We shall see…

The Whole Week at a Glance?

Today will be a tribute (more on that in a few hours), Wednesday, you’ll have your video update (fingers crossed), and Friday, I have another sweet hair post planned. I also have a few other fun and funky things up my sleeve, but again – because I’m running for the mark this week, we’ll just see how everything plays out. Thanks to everyone who continues to stop in, check in, and hang out here at Informed Sharing. I promise to keep on bringing it to you for the betterment of all our lives – mind, body, and spirit!

Let’s git ‘er dun!

β™₯ San β™₯

November - Welcome to Informed Sharing - President Obama, M and GLatest News – November 1st

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ood day to you and you and YOU way over there. Welcome to November here at Informed Sharing. Brrrr HOWDY, the weather is cold and blustery and the winds are blowin’…okay, I admit it. I was trying to change a Christmas tune. But it didn’t feel like anyone was singing along with me and these days it does help me to have some back up.


What’s New?

You might note (with the above collage) some wicked exciting news around our house that happened late last week. My daughter and her friend were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and greet the President of the United States of America – Mr. Barack Obama. More on that later this week as I attempt to share a lesson surrounding their experience and what we all should remember going forward. It’s a respect thing and if you are a proud American – heck, if you are human – you’d do darn well to keep it in mind, always. Stay tuned.

Hair Stuff?

It’s growing and we are carrying on with those video updates, too. I’ll have another one in the can, tomorrow. And I’m planning to begin writing a series of (non-video) posts relating to hair care, beginning at the end of the week and continuing on throughout the growing out process. YAY! Please feel free to tell me what you’d like to read/know/want in regard to any of that. Part of the fun of all of this is giving you what you want; which helps me do what I want so that we all win. You can get ideas for sharing right here with this post!

Blog Posts!

I am now posting the way I want to – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Woohoo. This is a great schedule for me, as it allows me to stay (or get) caught up in between and to keep my offline life in check, too. I can rest when I need to and not feel overwhelmed by any of it. If you missed what was posted last week, here’s the recap:

Some days, I may do more than one post, but for subscribers, please note: you won’t receive more than your one email per day. Thank you to all my loyal readers and video viewers and WELCOME to all our new friends just joining us as well. Stay tuned for some subscriber only specials coming your way soon!

Other FAB Updates!

And finally, I think I’m beginning to be back to a normal sized schedule. Which is great all the way around. I’ve missed out on regular updating around here and can’t wait to get back to it. I’ve been a tad neglectful of some of my favorite things and I apologize for that, sincerely. I also promise that as we work our way toward the Holidays, we’ll be bringing some extra fun and funky FABuLOUS treats your way, so be sure to bookmark us, subscribe, or just randomly pop in daily so you don’t miss out.

I do hope this day and all your days are happening in the best way possible. Stay real and “see” you soon!

β™₯ San β™₯

Latest News – October 25th

Week-Two-Shave-UpdateHere we are and dare I say it? Very nearly completely caught up with everything…nah. What does that even mean!!! But we ARE caught up with the hair shaving videos at least. The latest update, which was shot on October 19th, was posted yesterday and you can visit it right here. I still have a plethora of behind the scenes stuff to get in order but I am breathing a bit easier now that those are organized and Hair It Is is rolling along, as well. Tomorrow I’ll be filming another update that will be posted at some point this next week (planning it for Wednesday, fingers crossed) and that’s how we’ll do it week to week as my hair grows out into whatever style…it’s growing, yes it is. YAY! πŸ™‚

As for the rest?

I am excited to get back to updating Tina’s Kitchen and Your Top 8 each week. Plus I’ll be writing about more than just hair again, going forward. Though I do have some awesome hair related posts planned, I have much more to say beyond the hair. I do hope you’ll join me for those, too. I also can’t wait to get back over to Persona Paper for regular visits. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve said hello to my favorite Peeps at that place and I miss them, ridiculously.

I’ve also got some other really cool stuff planned for Informed Sharing as we grow, but I’m going to keep that to myself for the time being. Just a little hint of what’s to come… Even when I’m not here, my brain is working overtime with what I want to do, what can be done, and all the things that should be, with this site – for all of us – mind, body, and spirit; and for the betterment of all our lives.

Are you with me?

Let’s git ‘er dun!

β™₯ San β™₯

Latest News – October 16th

Shaving My Head BaldBoy HOWDY! I did not expect that it would take me this long to get the “Shaving My Head Bald” video series up on the site but I want it done right and done a certain way and so it must be. Plus I’ve run into a few snags that were beyond my control. Add to that just plain normal timing issues and we are a tad bit behind.

What do you do? Well, you sit right down and decide that no matter what, if the bottom line is doing it a certain way and that way takes a certain extra amount of time, then…tis what it is.


I’ve posted the screen grabs. And I’m working on getting the last of videos edited in my program (well, actually, I’m waiting on the second to the last to render, first). Then I’ll edit the last.

Then I have to:

  • upload them to the hosting platform.
  • finish designing the page here where they will reside.
  • make blog posts for all of them (so they can be shared individually if you care to, thank you most kindly β™₯ )

…and a bunch of other stuff that right now sounds too boring to explain. PLUS, I should just be DOING it rather than talking about it. πŸ˜‰

One of the things I’ve discovered throughout this whole experience (becoming ill and continuing to learn about my condition) is that I move much more slowly (methodically) these days. It may take me a bit longer to do the same things I used to but whatever it is will still be done with the same attention to detail I’ve always put forth. I hope for your understanding about the added time to bring the brilliance. β™₯

~ Cheers

β™₯ San β™₯

Latest News – October 1st

Enjoying the ViewIf you missed it, we are taking a few days to rest and recoup a few things and then we’ll be right back to it. To find out what the schedule is for this month, you may visit this post here! And of course I didn’t just drop our four families like hot potatoes now that September has gone. You may find the ending to their story right here. Well, our portion (donations), anyway. Remember, their plight(s) continue even though we aren’t actively shoving it in your face this month.

And just what will we be contributing to in October? I have two charitable organizations in mind. Both of them worthwhile, both of them well known and reputable. The same rule applies this month as it did for the last. $1 for each new subscriber (up to $400) will go into the pot and whatever we raise will be split between them. This is the last I’ll mention fundraising for either of these two worthy causes until October 31st – unless someone asks or I have a reason to get specific about it! For further information or if you are just plain nosy (I get that, totally), feel free to email me! πŸ™‚

Have a great rest of the week and weekend and see you back at it on Monday with my new shaved head! YAY! Well…I am not promising vids that fast; I think we’re filming Sunday…

~ Cheers

β™₯ San β™₯

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