Wrapping UP Our September Month of Giving…

This will be the last official update here on the homepage about our families, besides what I share next Wednesday about what Informed Sharing and Friends ended up being able to donate (yay) so I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on a few (or more) things one very special person taught me early on in my life. I’ve carried these things with me all the way to here and while I’ve not always remembered them for every situation, these things have helped me become who I am today. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. Happy Birthday (28th) Dad, I miss you and love you, true. And…

Thank You DadThank You…

…for teaching me about the good in people.

…for reminding me that not everyone is going to believe the same as I do and that’s okay.

…for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

…for teaching me to be strong and independent.

…for holding my hand when I wasn’t.

…for knowing what was right and wrong and showing me the same.

…for loving me unconditionally, always.

…for being the sort of guy a girl could fall in love with and for somehow sending one just like you (eventually – I took a curvy path 😉  )

Thank You, Dad!

As we near the end of this September Month of Giving, I’m realizing so many things and quite honestly – trying to stay upright under the weight of it all. I was ill prepared to take on this fundraising effort and expect some serious numbers – on the other hand, I am grateful for everyone who did participate in ANY way and so very thankful for what we did accomplish throughout the month. It’s been mentally and emotionally exhausting. Not complaining, not one bit. Simply stating facts.

What to Expect for the Week Ahead?

  • Monday – We’ll update you on the numbers, heading into our last day of the month 🙂
  • Tuesday – Just one more look at what we can do, when, where, and how…
  • Wednesday – We’ll talk about how much WE did donate to each of the four families AND with a bonus for ONE LUCKY subscriber. PLUS later on I’ll fill you in on what’s to come in October for Informed Sharing.

Stay tuned and we will see you soon!

UPDATE – September 19th – 11 days to Help Four Families!

What an incredible week it has been and I’ve got some great updates and some not so great ones to share with you. I’m not sure which you’d prefer first but I’m a “get the bad outta the way” kind of girl so here goes…

Since we last updated, Lisa and her family are now facing eviction on top of everything else that is going on. I am straight up blown away by this. I get that business is business but circumstances being what they are, this family is in crisis and deals are struck all the darn time. Where is the LOVE for this hard working mom of 5 special needs kids who just had major surgery and who went right back to work and can’t even walk yet and won’t be able to for quite some time yet? I just don’t get it. For more information on their situation and further updates from Lisa’s awesome Mom, please visit this page here.

Second to note, Lyn and crew are now 11 days out from being homeless as well and she is working desperately to keep this from happening. Donations are coming in but not nearly as quickly as is needed to get this family under one roof again. Unfortunately, if they are forced to leave both current living situations, Lyn may be unable to continue working around the clock (as is normal for her; I honestly don’t know how she fits it all in) and this will put them further behind than they already are. She is not asking just for cash but is also happily accepting any and all writing assignments that quickly pay out, and any other creative work anyone can throw her way. More information about their situation can be found right here.

Now, on to the good news…

Briana has been hard at work lately, creating a most amazing new reference guide, all about herbs and their properties. This new book is one of a kind and will be incredibly useful for folks, once complete. I won’t share much more about it here but if you’d like to stay in the know, hop on over to BlueDragonCreations to get the latest and remain current on all their happenings. Briana and Eric are still in need of help with their state to state move; as well they are hard at work promoting other folks in need of a leg up this month, too.

Recently, I found out that my 4th little nephew has also made the La Roca Soccer Club and that makes it complete. My sister and brother-in-law now have almost half a soccer team all by themselves. 😉 What an awesome accomplishment. I still don’t know how they do it and remain sane. Boy HOWDY! The good news is that because he’s just a youngin’ yet, his dues are considerably less than the other 3 for the year. That said, this family is still in need of funds to carry on with the expense of having three four soccer giants playing the game. To learn more about what it means to have a dream and be a team player, please visit them here.

And finally…

Remember two weeks ago, when I “put it out there” and said wouldn’t it be awesome if…? It’s hard to believe now that it’s been 15 days since I first uttered those words. Here’s where we are now:

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if four thousand one hundred seventy-five (4,175) people were to donate just $5, which would help 4 families reach their Go Fund Me goals and save and/or change their lives for the better.”

That’s an astounding 468 people in 15 days. Imagine what we can do in the next 11 days? WOW!

What's BestI know that has been some negativity surrounding what we are trying to do here in this September Month of Giving. I’ve rather disliked intensely having to address it. I would much rather just share the happy news and give you all updates that these four families are getting the help they darn do deserve and that they are getting back on their feet in the best possible way(s). Going forward and for the rest of the month, I am hoping to do just that.

Who’s with me?

****Special Thanks****

To EVERYONE who has donated, shared, read, liked, commented, visited, and/or otherwise contributed in any way to what we are doing here this month. I am involved daily with each of the four families and they are amazed at the outpouring of love and support from each and every one of you. Their gift will be in the paying it forward and giving back as they continue living their lives with true intentions, work(s) in progress, always – every darn one of them – as are we all!

UPDATE – September 13th – 17 days to Help Four Families!

Here’s where we are just four days after announcing that I “put it out there” for 4,643 people to donate just $5 to help these four families reach their Go Fund Me goals and save and/or change their lives for the better:

322 people have done just that!*

WOW! What a difference four days has made. We only need 4,321 more folks to donate just $5 each and all four families will be able to reach their goal and get back on their feet.

Thank you to all who have supported these worth causes so far. Your kindness and goodness will not go unnoticed!


Informed Sharing now has 26 Subscribers, which means $26 has been added to the Go Fund Me in September Kitty to be divided among these four families at the end of the month. Remember, I don’t care if we gain any more subscribers this month; however, you may just discover something truly amazing if you do – thank you kindly! Subscribing Information can be found here!

One more thought…need Christmas ideas? Fun-Funky-FAB T-Shirts are ALL the Rage these days! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of any t-shirts purchased through this link through the end of September will be divided amongst the four families we are supporting below:

and if you haven’t gotten to know them yet, we are right in the middle of that – you may catch up with the first two, right here:

…stay tuned, we’ll be sharing more about Lisa and her plight, as well as talking about those soccer boys on Monday and Tuesday next!


I’ve been noodling this and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m a tiny bit perplexed and a bit more (than that) disheartened by this September Month of Giving. Does crowd sourcing really work? I admit I have absolutely no fundraising experience and perhaps my approach was horribly misguided. Take a moment and take a vote:

<a href="" title="Is This Fundraising Effort Worthless?" class="broken_link">Is This Fundraising Effort Worthless?</a>

Once the results are in, we’ll see what kind of direction we’ll be headed in as the rest of the month unfolds. I remain dedicated to helping these four families but I am the first to admit if we’ve gone about it the wrong way.

Though I won’t be shaving my head bald for them. That, I am saving for me, for my story – coming soon.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends and thank you for stopping by!

*322 – due to some help (though not financially) this number is larger. We are grateful for anything anyone is able to contribute to any of the families above. Each of them are brave in the asking, for that is half the battle in any crisis!

UPDATE – September 9th – 21 days to Help Four Families!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to “put it out there” and so I did:

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if four thousand six hundred forty-three (4,643) people were to donate just $5, which would help 4 families reach their Go Fund Me goals and save and/or change their lives for the better.”

To read the entire post inspired by this manifest, you may go here. Let’s all keep on keepin’ on and work toward helping these families – however, wherever, and whenever we can.

UPDATE – September 6th – 24 days to Reach 400!

September Month of Giving Posts: September Call to Action

Total Subscribers? 24/400 – Only 376 to go to reach our first goal of giving $100 to each family in need this month. YAY! We have 24 days left in the month and I TRULY don’t care if we don’t claim another subscriber. IF IT MEANS folks are helping in other ways. I love my loyal friends. I do. And I’m not pushing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Signing up for websites and spending other people’s money aside, if you can spare a few moments this weekend to visit with any of these folks and share their need, give to them, HELP them in any way – THANK YOU, sincerely!

UPDATE – September 3rd – 27 days to Reach 400!

September Month of Giving Posts:

Total Subscribers? 22/400 – Only 378 to go to reach our first goal of giving $100 to each family in need this month. YAY! Be sure to check out both posts for today – the first explains in greater detail what this whole fundraising thing is all about, and the second lays out exactly what you’ll get for subscribing to Informed Sharing! Thank you 🙂

Thank you to our two newest subscribers and for giving TWO MORE BUCKS to the September Go Fund Me Kitty. Together we CAN make a difference!

UPDATE – September 2nd – 28 days to Reach 400!

September Month of Giving Posts:

Total Subscribers? 20/400 – Only 380 to go to reach our first goal of giving $100 to each family in need this month. YAY! Subscribe today to Informed Sharing – sharing informatively for the betterment of all our lives – mind, body, and spirit – and help these folks at the human level! Thank you. 🙂

September Call to Action – 30 Days to Reach 400!

I’d like to keep this piece on the homepage, short and sweet. To that end, I’ll be writing a series of posts throughout the month that ties all this together. I’ll continue to link to each, as they are written.  For now, let’s lay out the details as we know them beginning September 1st:

September Call to Action – 30 Days to Reach 400!

  • Informed Sharing will be supporting four Go Fund Me campaigns in September. (listed below)
  • For each subscriber to Informed Sharing in September (1-30), $1 will be placed in the “Go Fund Me September Kitty”. (up to $400)
  • 30 days to raise 400 – $400 to be divided amongst the four Go Fund Me fundraisers and Informed Sharing gains 400 new Subscribers.

But WAIT, there’s more…

(I miss that Billy Mays guy, don’t you?)

If for some crazy reason, you all subscribe and realize there really is some sort of amazing brilliance going on here – subbing and giving Informed Sharing a try is free and/or worth your time for a little while, I guarantee – and you end up sharing that brilliance and those people subscribe and they tell their friends who tell their…

…well we’ll start a revolution, won’t we? Just sharing informatively for the betterment of ALL our lives 😉

IF we double our subscribers in September (reach our goal of 400 but then double it to 800) we will donate an additional $25 to each fundraiser listed below.

Total funds possible to each Go Fund Me Campaign from Informed Sharing and Friends in September?

$125 – Each – 100%

Your Role?

To Subscribe. Throw us your email. We don’t share them, sell them, or otherwise even look at them other than to have them stored securely for our once daily email with the latest blog posts.

And it’s not 7/7 either. Plus, who knows what you’ll get as a subscriber to Informed Sharing. I love to give and I’m loyal to the core. Am I begging here? No, I’m asking that you give us a fair shake.

My role?

To Provide. I’ll do my best to give you what you are looking for in a site such as this. Informed Sharing is new in 2014 but my vision is clear – if not a bit all over the place at times. I want to share everything.

To that end, I’ll do my best to make clear the choices so you are always left feeling satisfied when stopping by for a visit. No matter your reasons for doing so – we want your experience to be a good one, always.

Feedback is always welcome!

So what do you say?

30 days to raise 400? Can we double it to 800 can give away $500????????

Let’s do this!

♥ San ♥

Please Note: I will update accordingly throughout the month with posts and subscriber numbers, to this WELCOME page. Please bookmark this page to stay in the know. 🙂 For more information about this September Challenge – 30 Days to Raise 400, please email me directly. All serious inquiries are returned within 24-48 hours. Thank You 🙂

We Support – Help Them Reach Their Goal

*Let’s Be Clear*
All four fundraisers are known personally to me. If this September Challenge – 30 Days to Raise 400 is successful, I have no issue doing it again and will gladly accept suggestions for causes and fundraisers you may consider worthy and in need of our help! Let’s make this a MONTHLY EVENT!

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