Latest News…8.23.14

Latest News 8.23.14Another Week and lots going on, just a quickie update today and then I’m off to do some  family stuff – YAY! Yes. I do DO that, occasionally. 😉 What a great 2nd week (officially) here at Informed Sharing…

Another 9 posts on the blog – maybe that’s our thing? Two per day, minus one on one day. Hmmm. Well, I’m not going to dwell on it. I am loving the flow and according to my subscriber stats (yes, I can see those – ahem, lol) my 18 19 loyal friends so far don’t seem to be minding much, either. Thank you, kindly 🙂

We are gearing up for our first subscriber giveaway, coming in September, stay tuned!!!

I AM loving ALL the front end and back end stuff at Informed Sharing, boy howdy. What a learning experience so far. I’ve barely scratched the surface with my Build Your Better Blog series;  hang on tight, more tips and tricks are coming your way.

My Top 3 Posts This Week?

Oh, and yes, I accepted the #icebucketchallenge from the #alsassociation – go here to read all about how I switched it UP and see my video, too. Thank you to my dear friend, Jenn for nominating me and giving me the opportunity to spread the word about more than one worthy cause.
Latest News 8.23.14
That’s about it for this week. Lots ahead coming up as we head into the final week of August, preparing for Maggie’s return to school and a more normal schedule around here. Which doesn’t mean less crazy; just hopefully more of a set routine.


I do hope you all have a FANTABuLISTIC weekend and that it carries you through this whole week, too. Stay tuned, we have plenty more in store for you, “see” you soon!

~ Cheers

♥ San ♥

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Latest News…08.16.14

GOOD Saturday Morning to You and you and YOU! I hope your Saturday has begun just right. We are here with another fabulous update at Informed Sharing and with a full week of blogging behind us, let’s get right to the re-cap.

Our First Full Week of Blogging

WOW. With nine posts throughout the week, it was a fun and informative sharing extravaganza on the blog. I was super organized for this and in doing so, had each day planned with two posts per.

I didn’t schedule those until the day before and a good thing that, because I’m discovering (as I had hoped I would learn through trial and triumph; some error) that while I can schedule, sometimes I will simply write and post, depending upon what’s happening in my world – and yours.

This happened right out of the gate with the very tragic passing of a dear funny fellow, Robin Williams. A devastating loss felt around the world, I used my words in worthy ways twice this week to share my thoughts about the whole darn thing.

I have more to say in regard to this tragedy, but as with the first two posts, I hope to pass along a message of hope. If we can learn from this one sad moment, and grow positively from it, I believe his death will not be in vain.

Read: Good Christians are the Reason Why…

I also began sharing informatively, my Build Your Better Blog series and I do hope you enjoy this as much as I have, putting it together. It’s a work in progress (as are we all) and will continue as long as I do, in building Informed Sharing, good-better-best.

Read: Informed Sharing 2014 – How I Ended Up Here

My two favorite posts of the week were varied but fun to do.

The first was born of my discovery that Hey, I KNOW that Birchbox girl. It’s crazy cool to think that this sweet and lovely person who is just a regular girl, now has her face plastered all over the internet. Good for you again, Astrea 🙂 Hey, I KNOW that Birchbox Girl

My second fave, I found while scrolling on Facebook. A PSA – the best I’ve seen so far – about texting and driving. It’s worth the 60 seconds for you to save a life; yours or someone else’s. Just do it. Thank you.

Tina’s Kitchen saw two new recipes this week, of course; and I am so excited that this page is so popular here at Informed Sharing. Tina works her booty off in the kitchen (all with love for what she creates) to bring us the best tastes – gluten-free – and sharing them with you here is an absolute delight.

Your Top 8 is going swell and heading toward a THIRD PAGE already. Whew. I have so much planned for this page and I’m especially looking forward to having more contributors join in. Click the link above to discover how you can be a part of my crazy eight obsession. YAY!

Mags Art Camp 2014Mags wrapped up her two weeks of Art Camp at MECA yesterday and boy HOWDY did she have a blast. Lots of new friends, a few old, and a grand installation at the end for all of us parents. It was AMAHZING! My hat is off to the counselors who worked steadfastly with these campers to bring it all to such a wicked cool conclusion.

To that end, we still have two weeks before school starts and so I don’t know how that’s going to fare for me and here going forward. I want to be here and THERE with her and do plan to do both. I’m just not sure yet, how it will shake out.

Aw heck, let’s wing it, shall we? Who knows what I’ll find to write about in the mean time…

Well now, I think we are all caught up for this week. Stay tuned, I’m behind the scenes working on some giveaways and other fun stuff, as well as learning daily how to make Informed Sharing the best experience it can be, for all of us. Please feel free to share your thoughts, either by email or in the comment section below. Feedback will help us all grow – mind, body, and spirit – for the betterment of all our lives! Thank you 🙂

~ Cheers

♥ San ♥

Latest News Saturday 08.09.14Latest News…08.09.14

With the official re-launch for Informed Sharing under way there isn’t much for me to update you with today.

Sad face → 🙁


I’ve always got something to talk about. Until I don’t. But never mind. Let’s get caught up!

Latest News for Saturday…

  • We RE-launched – YAY!
  • Two new blog posts – both exciting and different (as I hope all will be).
  • The creation of InSH Motivational Memes – to be shared if and when the mood strikes you – enjoy 🙂
  • New subscription service!

Speaking of Subscribing…

I’ll soon be doing a blog post about how subscribing to Informed Sharing works, but I want to take this opportunity to tell you that when you sub here, you won’t be overloaded with gobs of emails 24/7.

The way I have it set up is for folks to receive one daily email (a digest of the day’s posts) and that’s it. I will send other emails randomly and only when there are BIG Announcements that I believe our subscribers should have first-hand knowledge about.

You know? Like contests, giveaways, prezzies, and other cool stuff that folks who haven’t subbed may not get just for stopping by.

Not that everyone isn’t special in their own way, mind you.

I’m still testing the waters with this new subscription service before I start doing too many exciting things but stay tuned, we have lots more in store for you – coming soon!

And thank you to all who have subbed so far – your support means so much to me and your feedback is appreciated as we grow Informed Sharing for the betterment of all our lives.

That’s it for this Saturday. I’m a little tired after long days and nights putting all this together so I might just take a nap 😉 Or not! No worries. I do have plenty of good things on the schedule for next week, so stay tuned – we will see you soon!

~ Cheers

♥ San ♥

MaggieHStudios.InSHLatest News for Saturday…8.02.14

It’s that time again, for another update here at Informed Sharing. I am so excited for today’s latest news so let’s get right to it. This week held lots of fun new additions to the site and I’ll try to go in order…

Tina’s Kitchen was updated with two yummy new recipes; both gluten-free, though one is actually just a snatch and grab right from the fridge. This page is quickly becoming quite popular – YAY – and we can’t wait to share the next latest and greatest (mum’s the word on that, still). New recipes are added every week, so be sure to bookmark and check in often to get your taste buds filled up right!

Your Top 8 also saw several new additions – including a fabulous write-up from newcomer (to Persona Paper) Barb Radisavljevic, who delightfully took on my challenge to contribute to this page by sharing informatively why she enjoys penning for Persona Paper. Thanks, Barb. We look forward to hearing from you again, soon!

It’s OFFICIAL FOLKS! Informed Sharing will re-launch next Friday, August 8th and I am so excited about this. The day happens to have significant meaning for several reasons, only one of which (the date – 8.8) is obvious. I’m going to keep the other reasons to myself for now. Expect nothing too exciting other than the beginning of regular (daily) blog posts and a more scheduled type atmosphere around here. That IS exciting, better believe it!

Oh, yah. OMGosh. I got INTERVIEWED this week. For those of you who visit on a regular basis, you may notice advertisements scattered about Informed Sharing. I do hope they are tastefully placed, as I work very hard to provide a pleasant experience for everyone who stops by. To that end, the self-serve platform – Qadabra – I currently work with, asked me to sit with them for a few questions, recently. Here’s how that all shook out!

(Please Note: Using third party ad networks and participating in affiliate marketing allows me to continue doing this thing I love – writing personally and informatively for the betterment of all our lives. Please read here for full disclosure to learn more. Thank you.)

And finally – my AWEsome Sauce kiddo was bored one afternoon last week and so I said, “go find something productive to do”. The video showcased here is the result.

A mere 1:02 in length and impressive enough that her bonus dad is going to show it off to his college film students this fall, I’m proud to bring it to you all for a sneak peek here at Informed Sharing. At 11 years old, my kid is intent on going to Harvard Law. I’m actually okay if she decides her second choice is to study film 😉

That’s all for this Saturday. Stay tuned for random postings through the week and the full on schedule to begin next friday (barring any unforeseen whatevers). Have a FANTABULISTIC weekend Everyone!

~ Cheers

♥ San ♥

Latest News Saturday 7.26.14Latest News for Saturday…7.26.14

Well HELLO there, Peeps! Happy Saturday and how are you? Just stopping by to update you about what’s happening with Informed Sharing since I last posted on the homepage (right down below 😉 ) The last few days have been busy and full of Maggie/Mommy stuff – YAY – but I did manage to get some website stuff done, too. Your Top 8 is set up for now. This page is static but will continue to grow as Informed Sharing does. Check it out now to find out how you can contribute with your own favorite eights.

I’m also still learning all the ins and outs of WordPress and what I can do. I am – each and every darn day – impressed with the ease of navigating the back end of my website; just very glad I made the transition from Blogger. I’m still planning to officially re-launch sometime in August. I don’t have a firm date set but I do know that I am ahead of the game as far as where I thought I’d be by now. I still have plenty of tweaks to make but I’m stoked about how it’s all coming together so far. I do hope you all are, too!

Leave a comment or contact me if you have a question, suggestion, or 88 ways to help us make it better. Feedback here at Informed Sharing is always welcome! I’m going to be here and there for the next week, until Mags heads to Art Camp and then I’m hoping to put in some serious writing time in preparation for having blog posts ready to go when I do re-launch. The ease with which I was able to land here and build Informed Sharing has got to be SHARED, both informatively and personally – what an amazing journey.

Oh, I did throw up this fun and funky post yesterday. An old AC article that I spruced up by request. Squishy and sexy and so much fun! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Okay, I’m off to get the laundry finished and then on to groceries and other fun Saturday chores, including some AWEsome family time – which certainly isn’t a chore. I do hope you enjoy this beautiful weekend. Do something AMAZING and make it count – there’s just no reason not to!

~ Cheers ♥ San ♥

Beach Image Attribution – Pixabay

Latest News for Tuesday…07.22.14

Good Morning Folks and a Happy Tuesday to you! I’m just stopping in to give you and update since I’m not on any sort of regular blogging schedule yet. I’m still building the site and things are going very well over here. It doesn’t hurt that G had a shoot this past weekend and I was able to push through some serious hours in front of the box. Had he been home or just plugging away normally, I would not have been “allowed” to get away with so much ‘puter time. Yah, I have a keeper. I’ll explain more about that in future blog posts (it’s not a bad thing, really!).

So what’s new?

Full Disclosure is done – meaning we are legal here at Informed Sharing. If you care to know all the ins and outs of that, click the link at the beginning of this here sentence to find out what it all means. I am CMA; better believe it. I’m CYA, too. You’re welcome. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further details. As far as affiliations go, I’ll be adding more as we grow here and I promise 100% to always do my research before promoting any people/place/thing. And, if I’ve shared something that turns out to absolutely suck later, I’ll retract, as well. I’ve been wrong a time or three and I’m not afraid to tell it like it is.

Tina’s Kitchen is also done – you may visit that link and enjoy! I’ll be updating there weekly so be sure to bookmark her page if you want the goods about all sorts of yummy recipes – especially and specifically gluten-free treats. Tina Marie is a personal friend, who writes cheerfully about her true passion – cooking. Be on the lookout for more from Tina and Informed Sharing as we plan to bring you some seriously good fun in the form of…well, mum’s the word on that. For now 😉

I’ve been working on updating old blog posts that didn’t migrate over from Blogger too well. Tis okay, I’m a tad Type A in this regard; and want everything to look pretty for the official re-launch. Think: Monica from Friends, the episode where she spent a ridiculous amount of time buffing the boys’ apartment and baking cookies and then passed out on the couch when it was all done and everyone came over to enjoy it. That’ll be me. Happy and glad you’re enjoying your Informed Sharing experience 🙂 Kittens Calendar

I do plan to have a blogging schedule, and to that end bought a calendar to sort out specific posts. This way I can be organized by days of the week and for what posts go where. Mags helped me pick my calendar. We both adore the kittens! I’ll keep you posted on how the organization goes for that. Right now, I’m hoping to officially RE-launch by mid August. I have a couple dates in mind but I’m keeping those to myself so as not to apply too much pressure! Until then, I’ll keep sharing here on the homepage, little updates about what’s going on. There is still lots of stuff to fill in around here.

I will still do weekly “Latest News” on this Welcome Page, as I like the way it’s blending everything on the site. As always, puh-lease feel free to offer your input about what you’d like to see and/or have me change. You are most definitely part of and everything that goes into it.

Alrighty, you’re about caught up for this go ’round. I’m heading back to it. For the short term, anyway. Mags and I have a 3 day play-date. She’s been a ROCK-star while I’ve been slaving away the last 4 days. It’s time for some serious Maggie/Mommy time. I’ll fill you in soon and catch you later…

~ Cheers

♥ San ♥

PS: Have you SEEN our Wedding Photos yet? Read Our Wedding Story? I am darn proud of putting together those two pages and yes, I am flat out braggin’ on myself, right here! ♥

Latest News for Friday…07.18.14

Wedding Photos are now posted! YAY! You can access them by clicking this link here – Gary & Sandi Wedding Photos – I do hope you enjoy the slideshow. I did write our wedding story to go along with it and you’ll find the link to that at the end of the thumbnail selection! Thank you to all who have been patiently waiting to view photos of Our Big Day.

For those of you who are following along with Informed Sharing, you might not recognize us – we are in a brand new home, powered by WordPress and hosted at I’ll be sharing more about both on the blog, as the experience has a been a good one and I’ve learned a LOT that can be passed on so others may learn too. Whew!Gary.Sandi.5-18-14.TheRings

For the short term, if you do decide to visit more than just the Wedding Photos and Our Wedding Story, you may discover that some things look a bit screwy. Certain blog posts didn’t migrate over from Blogger very well and other places around the site haven’t been filled in (by me) yet. No worries, however. I’m working around the clock – as much as I’m able to, to get things purtied up for everyone.

I know some folks may say I should wait until it’s all done before sharing but the site is live and folks are already coming over to visit – as they have since 2011. We’ll have an official RE-launch when I’m ready to at a time and date to be announced. Feedback is also certainly welcome and appreciated if you see something that needs a’fixin’. As they say ’round here – hard tellin’ not knowin’ and I am human, first and foremost… 🙂

Just think about it like you would if you stopped by on laundry day or maybe on the day after we just got back from vacation and I didn’t unpack two seconds after we walked through the door. Thrilled to have you but please don’t mind the mess. Feel free to peek around, it’ll give you an idea for what we have in mind down the road – and be sure to bookmark Informed Sharing for later and often, because we have plenty more in store for you – see you all soon!

~ Cheers

♥ San ♥

Latest News for Wednesday…07.16.14

Welcome to Informed Sharing
Welcome to Informed Sharing

Welcome to Informed Sharing. I am learning how to build an AWEsome WordPress Website and Blog by watching Josh Jackson (wpSculptor) from YouTube. His video is invaluable for the novice and more advanced user, alike.

Though longer than some of the other Word Press how-to’s found at YouTube, I wasn’t overwhelmed by that, nor have I been disappointed. I am currently on my second run-through, as I take it step by step – he’s teaching, while I’m building. I’ll tweak and personalize further, later, after I’m more comfortable moving about on my own.

Josh makes every step easy to accomplish and by the end, you are left with a good basis for your very own website and blog, powered by the cool folks at Word Press and themed (at Josh’s recommendation) by the creator of Hueman.

Thanks again, Josh. You’ve made this nervous blog girl much more comfortable delving back into the sometimes daunting world of website ownership.

And stay tuned, dear readers – I have much more in store for you – coming soon!

~ Cheers

♥ San ♥

Image Attribution – PixabayVideo – wpSculptor @YouTube

Please Note: Any time I use an affiliate link within any text throughout Informed Sharing, I will clearly state (either when you hover over the link or by making a note of it at the bottom of the page). In this case, I’ve done both. is linked above, with my affiliate link and I’m letting you know here. I will never share any affiliate link or endorse any products (affiliate-wise) that I do not personally use or believe in. I don’t roll that way and neither should you. has gone above and beyond to get me going here on WordPress and I’m simply paying it forward by sharing them and their great service. They offer that I can earn by doing so. A win for them, for me, and for you if you sign up to be hosted through them, too. In fact, because they are so AWEsome – I’m giving you a coupon worth your first month for just ONE PENNY! If you need hosting and you choose, you’ll have the added comfort of knowing your first month is only going to cost you one cent. My coupon code is: InformedSharing1 – so when you get there, just type in your coupon and get your savings. YAY! Their customer service is top-notch and if you happen to speak to a guy named Reuben, tell him Sandra says, “Hi!”

Please Read My Full Disclosure Here!

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