Short, Medium, Long – What Hairstyle is Right for You?

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What Hairstyle is Right for You?(Makeover Photos Included Below!)

Recently, it was brought up to me by one of my YouTube friends that I should grow out my hair really long. It got me thinking…short, medium, long – what hairstyle is right for you? I wondered… At first I thought it would be as easy as throwing on Maggie’s Halloween costume’s wig and snapping a pic or showing everyone in an upcoming video.

Yah. No. You’re welcome.

Have you seen me shave my head bald yet? In this video it only took 3 minutes!

About a thousand years ago, my friend Laurie and I (of the shout out video fame) did try on wigs once, at the mall – one of those kiosks they had back in the day. I wonder whatever became of that pic… It wasn’t too pretty either…

ANYway. I was still noodling how I could see what I would look like with long hair AND show everyone. Growing up, my mom kept my hair short (for her ease of hair care) and once I got into cosmetology school, we were forever doing stuff to my hair. Throughout my adult life, my hair has never made it much past my shoulders – either because it annoyed me, I was bored, or as in the case most recently – it needed to be cut and/or shaved off.

So. There is that. I don’t really think that I can grow it out really long. Just for the recent reasons that I shaved it off to begin with. BUT. I did find a way to see what I would look like with long hair. And short. And medium, too. It’s not new and you can do it, too. Giving yourself a virtual makeover isn’t perfect; but Mags had a friend over that day and the three of us had a little fun with my face and hair.


Short, Medium, Long – What Hairstyle is Right for You?

Choosing where to go for your virtual makeover depends on how much you want to spend. I preferred to spend $0 and so I sought out free online makeovers and landed upon a name that has been around forever.

Good Housekeeping.

Taking a before photo is relatively easy and GH provides good instructions for doing so. I was still a bit nervous about the whole thing because I had tried something like this once before and it.was.awful. But the kid was egging me on and…what better way to spend a rainy afternoon?What Hairstyle is Right for You?

Besides, I wanted to know – short, medium, or long – what hairstyle might be right for me. So I ventured forth and began playing around in the virtual world of making myself over at Good Housekeeping.

Unfortunately, on the makeup side of things, I wasn’t able to glam up too much. The photo I used wasn’t right in the eye area and when I tried to apply eye liner and do my lashes, it just didn’t come out right. I began to get a little discouraged but then I thought, ‘eh, who cares, I rarely wear all that stuff, ANYway so…’ Here’s what I used in the makeup department:

What Hairstyle is Right for You?Next we chose hair – which was why I was really there in the first place. Now, GH only has options for celebrity hair. They allow you to choose from short, medium, long – what hairstyle is right for you. And there about 45 hairstyles to choose from between the three.

We went a little crazy, haha.

What Hairstyle is Right for You?As you can see, I couldn’t choose just a few and some are more than a little ridiculous. But I’ve stated before and I’ll say it again – there is no shame in my game.

I’m a little bummed though, that there are so many blonde celebrities. I guess I get it, but I am pretty sure that I won’t be going blonde with my hair. Been there done that and it doesn’t end well (more on that later).

The other sorta painful thing is that while that is my face – eyes, nose, and mouth – the shape of it is not. So some of the photos are rather silly.
What Hairstyle is Right for You?I don’t know though. It was still a fun afternoon, we had some laughs, and I got to see what I might look like with long hair. It was better than wrapping a towel around my head and pretending, like I did when I was younger! With a hairbrush for a microphone – who’s with me…anyone???

Bottom Line?

If you want to try giving yourself a virtual makeover, for hair and/or makeup, I’d recommend giving Good Housekeeping a shot. Make sure you follow their instructions for uploading a good full on picture and try not to have squinty eyes, either. I also wasn’t able to log in properly, so I screen shot these photos to share here. Maybe you’ll have better luck with that.

Oh, and out of the 16 we saved? I did manage to choose 3 favorites, from each – the short, medium, and long. I’m keeping those mum for now as I noodle whether it’s worth it to have a little giveaway with ‘em…stay tuned.

~ Cheers

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Yes, it was a little creepy seeing my “face” a bunch of times; maybe a tad narcissistic too – but in the end, an interesting afternoon with the kiddo and friend. I am also more excited than ever to continue the growing out process, too!

I would LOVE to know what YOUR favorite short, medium, long hairstyle is – or what you think is right for YOU. Please share in the comments below or feel free to email me directly. You may be featured in an upcoming blog post. Details upon emailed response.

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