White Dog Arts - Digital Film ProductionWhite Dog Arts – Digital Film Production

Gary Robinov, a film maker based in Portland, Maine, co-founded White Dog Arts Creative Studios with two fellow Maine College of Art alums in 2004.

In 2011, WDA made the decision to focus solely on client-based digital film and motion graphics along with independent film production. In doing so, the studio was re-introduced as White Dog Arts – Digital Film Production.

White Dog Arts has given Gary the platform from which he continues to explore and grow his understanding of production, editing, and over all story-telling, while working with such clients as the filmmaker Kevin Breslin; artists: Charlie Hewitt; Alison Hildreth, and Randy Regier; corporate clients such as: Timberland Corp.;…Read More…

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Gary Robinov with White Dog Arts – Digital Film Production ♥

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Sandra Robinov for Gary Robinov (2012, 2014)  ♥

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