Will Y!CN Replace YouTube?

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Y!CN Replace YouTube

In the interest of keeping you informed…sharing bits with you, if you will…

I thought I’d pop over and tell you about my brilliant NEW plan to take over the world…

No, wait. Wrong plan.

Never mind, forget I mentioned world domination, I’m still ironing out the creases in that plan.

Moving on (boy, aren’t we cheeky today?)…


I’ve been thinking about this whole Google AdSense thing and the fact that I’ve lost my earning capability at YouTube.

You should know, right darn now: I LOVE MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS! Well, I love making videos, anyway.

Being able to integrate my AdSense with YouTube was allowing me the pleasure of continuing to do that. Which lasted, oh about, 3 weeks or so.

Read more about my Google AdSense Issues in this blog post!

So…what do I do now?

Stop making videos?

STOP sharing my CRAZY with the WORLD?

As if.

My friend Pabs and I were talking about it and SHE said, “Hey (dork…seriously…) why don’t you upload your videos to Y!CN?”

And I replied, “Hmmm…how DO you carry all that brilliance around in your head?”

So here’s the bottom line (finally, right?):

September will be a test run of video production at Y!CN. <– (the link to my Y!CN profile!)*
The bulk of my videos, including my new buzz cut, will be uploaded to Y!CN.
I will still post updates to YouTube, outlining weekly what I’m doing at Y!CN.

I honestly don’t believe I will ever give up YouTube completely (well…at SOME point I may stop making those fabulously crazy vids…), but I do want to explore the video possibilities at Y!CN and see where it takes me.

And now you know.

Ha…did you seriously think I was done rambling?


I’m going to need some help with this, my friends. 

I’m  hoping to get feedback from viewers about how this is all working as we travel through September. So, if you watch my videos at YouTube, great. If not, go here* and check them out. Subscribe if you’d like (SWEET!!).

And stay tuned. At least one blog post per week will have the latest Y!CN videos within it, so you can be sure not to miss a single solitary second of crazy from me. How darn lucky are YOU?

Lastly…please comment, email, or holler out your window and let me know if watching at Y!CN works for you. I’m concerned about a couple of things in that regard (which I’ll keep to myself for now) and will really appreciate the feedback.

Okay, NOW I’m outta here. For now. “See” you later in the week and have a FANTABULISTIC day, my friends!

~ Cheers
Sandra Lynn

PS: I TOLD you I was feeling a bit cheeky, didn’t I? Hope the message didn’t get lost in translation. Oh, and if YOU want to share your voice with the world, go check out Y!Contributor Network.* Throughout my years of writing online, Y!CN has been a consistent pleasure to pen for!! 🙂

My latest from YouTube: 

*Please Note: Y!CN is set to close its doors July 30th 2014. Because of this, I have removed all links leading to my profile there. I have decided to keep this post because it is relevant to my story (my blog) and I just didn’t want to remove it at this time. I was not able to save any of those videos I uploaded to Y!CN back in 2011 but I do have the roughs and finals  backed up (somewhere around here) and someday I’ll share them again. Someday soon, I’ll even be in front of the camera again – stay tuned 😉 To read more about the closing of Y!CN and why I’m actually quite thankful, you may go here!



2 thoughts on “Will Y!CN Replace YouTube?

  1. I signed up at that Yahoo forum site. I’ll have to take some time to figure it all out though and see how it can benefit me. All this stuff is so time consuming.
    My Adsense ads seem to be looking okay. I wonder if I’ll ever make any money from them.

    Tossing It Out

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