Win Your $100 PayPal Cash in November

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We are giving away BIG in November. Hopefully to help everyone we can to have an extra special and happy holidays. So how does $300 sound? That’s right. We are giving away up to $300 with this Informed Sharing November Giveaway! We are doing so in $100 increments and you will have multiple opportunities to enter to win.

PayPal Cash in November

So here’s how it works this giving month of November:

  • 1-8000 entries: $100 awarded
  • 8001-16000 entries: 2nd $100 awarded
  • 16000+ entries: 3rd $100 awarded

We want to give away as much cash as we can this month and we are giving you several ways to enter to win, including checking out some of our recent blog posts here on Informed Sharing. Among the other entry options available, you can tweet about this giveaway once per day this month. The tweeting daily option is great and will give you a leg up, depending on your dedication to winning. We have now had 3 repeat winners (from here and our 2 sister sites) and two of the three tweeted multiple times throughout to win multiple months.

So how do you enter to win in November?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Official November Giveaway Rules 

It’s that easy. We know we are going to give away at least $100. Can we do it times 3? It’s completely up to you…and you. And YOU way over there. Enter to win, spread the word, and keep coming back to up your chances. Total prize(s) value for this and our sister sites giveaways is $900 in November. I told you we were going to blow it UP.

And so we are. Good luck to all!



Sandra Lynn



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Enter to win all 3 this giving month. YAY!

What will you spend your November winnings on?



97 thoughts on “Win Your $100 PayPal Cash in November

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  3. I have 4 children/spouses, and 11 grandchildren & 1 great grandchild & 1 wonderful husband… not to mention a few other relatives we buy for. I think it’ll definitely be Christmas presents.

  4. I would spend it on some running stuff I need for the winter: some good socks or some new winter running pants!
    Gotta get ready for when it eventually gets cold. Around here, that’s somewhere around the new year. 🙁

  5. I’d convert it to cash somehow, maybe by selling it to someone at a reduced amount to get cash.
    Then I’d use the money to help pay for my adult cat’s tooth surgery.

    ⛄ Happy (upcoming) Holidays everyone! (I know, it’s too soon, lol) ⛄

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