Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If…

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Sometime last week, I was hanging out in our blogging group (it’s super secret and super awesome and super helpful but that’s not why we’re here…) and one of our members posted something interesting.

Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If________!

Wouldn't It Be Awesome If...Suzy from Real Food Simple was asking us all to share something (as did she) out loud that we were hoping to accomplish or were hoping would happen. Suzy had come upon this idea for a manifest…

…put it out there and it will happen!

How powerful is that?

I believe this. Truly. I believe in karma and the power of positivity and strength in love and paying it forward. I believe in all of that 110%.

And I LOVE what she shared – both the concept and her own “wouldn’t it be awesome if…” (but I’m not sharing hers here; that’s for her to say!).

And while I’m talking about Suzy, let me just tell you something. WOW. I haven’t had the opportunity to explore too many of the blogging friends I’m hooked up with through this AWEsome Sauce group yet, but she is a keeper, people.

If you haven’t stopped by realfoodsimple.com and had a taste, heck take a big old chunk while you’re there – I promise, you will get your fill at Suzy’s place. You are welcome.

I’m lucky in this blogging group. I know that. Full of positive folks with big hearts and kind spirits. I’ll be sharing more of them down the road, as is our nature here at Informed Sharing. YAY for us that I found them through Blogging on the Side (whom I’ve only gotten to mention once since the re-launch – I promise more on those two fab ladies later, too).

Back to the AWEsome.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if…

So I put it out there. We are here in this September Month of Giving and our focus is all about helping these four families in their time of need. I know I began the month with a challenge to raise 400 subscribers and by doing so, we would donate $400 to be divided among them – $500 if we could double our subscribers to 800.

But I’ve had the whole thing planned. Not sneaky-like, you must know. But seriously. I can’t expect folks to just willy-nilly sign up for something they know nothing about just so I could give away my money to folks they know nothing about…

The plan was to bring awareness. And my hope that by doing so, people would be able to help in whatever way to give these four families some relief this month. One or two or three or ALL of them.

And when Suzy lay down this manifest, I couldn’t resist. I chimed in and said:

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if four thousand six hundred forty-three (4,643) people were to donate just $5, which would help 4 families reach their Go Fund Me goals and save and/or change their lives for the better.”

I put it out there. I want so very much for this to happen. Just $5 from less than 5000 people would help these folks through a tough time in their lives. And I know these people – these 4 families.

They pay it forward and give back in so many ways every darn day of their lives. ALL of them.

Wouldn't It Be Awesome If...
I want you all to know some amazing things have already begun happening in just four short days since I uttered those words. (I’ve been repeating them daily.) But we have to keep on keeping on and stay focused toward the goal.

I know it seems huge when considering it one way – four thousand six hundred forty-three. But when you consider that it’s only $5, it really is just one small help. And small helps add up into one giant…

…it was AWEsome that 4,643 people were able to donate just $5…

Anyway. I’m not turning this into a plea for the money. That’s not what this post is about. I don’t expect anyone to do anything they aren’t able to do.

I just wanted to share my manifest and to thank Suzy for sharing hers and the idea with all of us. Please be sure to stop by her place and give a holler. Last I checked she was sharing Pumpkin Cakies – Gluten-Free. And you all know what suckers we are for that stuff around here.

Wrapping it up? Remember, if you want something – try asking for it. Even those hard questions that make your tongue all twisted and tied up in knots. Further, make it a statement. Because not only are you asking, you are going to get it, that’s how darn confident you are, boy HOWDY!

Want something? Wouldn’t it be awesome if…you got it?

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



Special Thanks again to Suzy for inspiring first the manifest and then this post. The following link is where she found her inspiration. Remember to be open always – you never know where you’ll become inspired and learn from doing so…

Be Open-MindedFor more information about where we are in this September Month of Giving, hop on over to the homepage and have a peek 🙂

What about you…fill in the blank: wouldn’t it be awesome if________! and share below…or simply say it out loud and proud and be amazed at what the universe brings your way ♥



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  1. Thank you so much for this great post and for mentioning my friend who inspired it. (and my blog, that was very sweet and unexpected) I hope your post inspires others as well to do some manifesting!

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