You Are a Writer. Period.

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You Are a WriterThe subject of “what you are” comes up more times than makes me comfortable – I’ll admit. I work from home* and when those who aren’t familiar with my day to day or even with my current situation on the whole, ask the question (what do you do or what are you…) I often squirm a bit. I am a writer. Period.
Yesterday, while driving to meet the (former) in-laws and grab Mags from her visit with them, G and I were having a conversation that led me to make that statement. He had said, “you are a writer”.


I then went on to clarify, “I am a writer online who posts personally and informatively, who has written back in the day for such and such and I am working on a novel plus this other…”




You are a writer. Period.


And it was my husband who pulled me back from the madness of my explanation. There was no one else in the car for whom I had to justify my position. No one for whom I had to prove that what I do on a daily basis has merit or matters to anyone but me.

I am a writer. Period.

No one knows what I do to fill up a 24 hour day or how much of my day revolves around  what I am. If they did, it’s possible I’d find myself with a reservation to a quiet space, with padded walls, and round the clock check ups.

What are you?

If what you are begins by an incessant need to bring life to thoughts and ideas swirling around inside your head…

You are a writer. Period.

If what you are is furthered by the ability to gather those thoughts and ideas in a relatively cohesive manner to the page…

You are a writer. Period.

If what you are is being read by others and liked in some way; feedback – good, bad, or indifferent, you are being read…

You are a writer. Period.

If what you are compels you to continue writing, to keep sharing, to fall more in love with  your love for words and use them in more worthy ways daily…

Practice makes better!You are a Writer. Period

It doesn’t matter what you write or where you write or who you’ve written for.

I don’t share with everyone that my very first paid writing gig happened to be with a well known Men’s Magazine; simply because it makes lots of folks uncomfortable. I’m still proud of it. I fed my family for two years with it. And looking back, I’m still thrilled to see my words in print.

I also don’t wax on about the 100s of poems and scatters of thoughts and other seemingly silly things – written as I made my way through an emotional period between ‘88-93. You can bet that every scatter is tucked away, safely.

And I don’t brag about the 1000s of articles, posts, videos – combined; and millions of views, likes, comments – combined; I’ve received over the years for doing this thing I love. Though, I am often in awe, simply for those who have seen my work – in whatever way – thank you. I promise to continue writing better.

I am a writer. Period.

The next time someone asks me what I am or what I do, I shall not squirm.

I am a writer. Period.

No, I haven’t written the next great novel. I don’t write for the New York Times. I’m not Perez Hilton (or some other famous star struck blogger type). I don’t have a niche and I don’t write according to what they say will make you popular (SEO, anyone?); though I am working on that a tiny bit better, too – the SEO part, anyway.

I’m merely writing daily for the betterment of myself. I am hopeful that through my writing, I may reach others and help them live better, as well. It doesn’t have to be in the whole, either. I love it when someone, completely randomly (especially if it seems to surprise them, too) will say, “I could feel you coming through the screen when you spoke about…specifically…”

Ah, but I’m sliding a bit off the topic and I want to stay HERE.

You are a writer. Period.

If you have a passion. One that compels you to place your fingers to the keyboard and release unto it any and every thing that scurries about your noggin. A longing so deep and aching to share your ideas and hopes, your dreams and…

Heck. If you want to write about cheese. Or computers. Or ducks. Or Kim Kardashian.

Yes. If you have a need to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard), and it is so great that you cannot quash it no matter how hard you try and no matter who tries to convince you otherwise – even you, yourself, and you…

You are a writer. Period.

Own it. Wear it. Practice it. Daily.

~ Cheers

 Sandra Lynn

*Work from home: I am currently unable to work due to health issues – undiagnosed. This recent (October) thing has been a bump in the road but I am determined, always. Oddly, the question of what I do and what I am has come up in such ridiculous ways in the last nine months…ugh. I had to stop writing for quite some time. Not because I wanted to; my brain simply wouldn’t allow me the ability. I’ll be sharing more about this whole thing…soon. I began writing again, almost to see if I could. We’re getting there…practice does make better, always!

What are you? Do you love it? What would you rather be doing?




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