You Are Such a Liar – But So Am I! Life Lesson #204

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You are such a liar – but so am I. Now that we’ve got that settled, everything is right as rain, yes?! Well, maybe I should explain why I’m going around calling us all liars. There is no getting around it, we lie. You do it, I do it, we all do it. And if you are sitting there shaking your head and mumbling that you’ve never ever lied in your life – not even once – then good for you; or not. Because you are probably lying.

You are such a liar - but so am I!You are such a liar – but so am I.

Lying isn’t a good practice to get into, in general. You can get yourself into a whole mess of trouble by lying. And seriously? It becomes a whole lot harder to keep track of all the lies when you’d be just better off with the truth. If folks can’t handle the truth, that is their issue, not yours. Of course, depending on the truth, perhaps your lies are…

…oh, never mind. Lying isn’t a good practice to get into.

But we all do it on occasion and it’s not always a bad thing.

Reasons You Are Such a Liar…

  • Santa, the Easter Bunny, and any other creature perpetuated by ALL of us and kept on…by the biggest lie of all.
  • To protect the feelings of another (this can be helpful or end up hurtful – be careful on this slippery slope).
  • To protect ourselves from another (again, helpful or hurtful – the truth is always better, even if it hurts at first).
  • To protect ourselves from ourselves (the worst lie, to ourselves – the damage from this can be a lifetime of hurt and hard to erase).

You are such a liar – but so am I.

We all lie. Tiny lies, big lies, silly lies, serious lies…lies, lies, lies.

I cannot stand the lies.


As much as I am all about the truth. And as much crap as I sometimes get for being too honest. AND as much as I intensely dislike the lying. Sometimes I lie. For all those reasons above. All I can do (all any of us can DO) is work toward better truth(s) and accepting that even if it isn’t understood, the truth is better than a lie. (Almost) Always. #LifeLesson204

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



This is one of those grey areas in life. So if you live a black and white existence, please understand – I mean no offense. I’m also willing to bet that you’ve lied a time or two, too. Life isn’t this or that – it’s all about the mushy in betweens and figuring out the best part of doing good and being good as much as you can! So call it purple if you want, but make it truthful more than not and discover it’s just darn better that way! 🙂

Just Be You

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Are you a liar liar pants on fire…about WHAT?



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