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8 Fun, Food, Gifting Ideas8 Food, Fun, Gifting Ideas – A Quick ‘n’ Easy Last Minute Holiday Guide!

Sandra Lynn, Informed Sharing

I know it’s last minute, but I couldn’t resist these quick and easy last minute food, fun, and gifting ideas for you and yours. Each is unique and brings the true meaning of the holidays right into your home. Yes, even the first one, as many of us can relate. All 8 of these were chosen through my stumbling at Stumble Upon, each of them a fine selection on the #StumbleBloggers Holiday list this year. If you have a moment to check out that Awesome Sauce list – full of recipes, gift guides, crafts, and more, you’ll find the link within the above post. Enjoy!

8 Must Have Hairstyles for the Holidays8 Must-Have Hairstyles for the Holidays!

Sandra Lynn, Informed Sharing

Are you ready for the holidays? Have you gotten all your party plans in place? Maybe you have your outfits ready, makeup set, nails nailed, toes just right. But what about that hair? No worries, I’ve got you covered with these eight must-have hairstyles for the holidays. Taken from Pinterest and verified through to each website (DIY instructions included for most), you won’t have to pull your hair out when deciding just how to wear it for that special occasion this holiday season. And as a BONUS, I’ve given you access to more than 100 MORE hairstyles inside this happening holiday hair post. Up, down, curly, or straight – wear it well and show off your best side for each celebration this party season.

8 Ways to Verify the Legit Factor8 Ways to Verify the Legit Factor

Sandra Lynn, Informed Sharing

I’ve seen it countless times, most often on Facebook, scrolling down my feed and what do I find? A post or three (or more, sadly) that just plain isn’t true. Not only isn’t it true but the postee has been so badly taken in that he or she has hopped on the cause in such a manner as to bring embarrassment to themselves and others by either furthering the supposed cause or by insisting to others that it is true. Yikes. This sort of thing has to stop. We are not a stupid people, people. And it’s time we started taking care to verify the legit factor. Click the above link to find out some easy steps you can take to do just that for all your social media shares.

8 Favorite SeasoningsMy 8 Favorite Seasonings

Janet Jenson, Persona Paper

Janet has done it again with another lovely addition to our page here. This time she is sharing her favorite seasonings with all of us. And for added flavor (clever, I know…) she’s even mentioned some of the health benefits associated with most of them. I am familiar with all of them, love many of them, and now have a hankering to get into the kitchen and do some cooking – a rarity for me. But hey, that’s what it’s all about here, learning to live better – mind, body, and spirit. Thanks for sharing your tasty favorites, my friend. We can’t wait for your next eight great…

8 Things I Like About Mystery Shopping8 Things I Like About Mystery Shopping

paigea, Persona Paper

SHOPPING! While not a big fan of it in general (the shopping part), mystery shopping has always held an allure for me that I cannot shake. I remember long ago receiving emails to join companies that while looked enticing turned out to be too good to be true. I thought for years that Mystery Shopping was just something that other more lucky people got to do. Turns out, paigea is one of those lucky ones. And she EARNS from it. Follow the link above to discover just eight of the reasons she enjoys reaping the reward of shopping mysteriously and why you may consider giving it a go, yourself.

8 Reasons to Love Hydroponic GardeningEight Reasons I Love Hydroponics

Janet Jenson, Persona Paper

If you have a brown thumb (like me) and/or live in a space that doesn’t allow for a garden (like me) of the usual kind, you may consider this alternative. Growing hydroponically. Which is just a really fancy word for growing plants in water. AWEsome. But don’t let me get you sidetracked here. Janet has given us 8 great reasons why she loves hydroponic gardening and why can you too. I can’t decide which is my favorite on her list – the ease of the growing (I really suck at keeping plants alive, I’m so sorry for all the plants I’ve killed over the years) or that she has a foot fetish…yikes. You’ll have to click through to find out what that’s about. Enjoy and happy growing, folks!

8 Essentials for Surviving the First Week of...Eight Essentials for Surviving the First Week of Teaching

Lisa, Balancing Bedlam

Did you return to school this week? A teacher, dedicated to bringing in the noise, bringing in the…wait a minute? That’s supposed to be bringing in the smarts, bringing…errr…either way… You are a teacher OR you know a teacher and you know she (or he) needs some help getting through that first week of returning to school. Look no further, Lisa’s got the goods. From face to feet and every other form of relaxation in between, these eight essentials are needful, necessary, and notably pinworthy – check them out now. And please be sure to share with a teacher near you – well worth it for a whole year of chill time after the learnin’ day is done!

Inspiring Kitchens Top 8 Restaurant ItemsNational Restaurant Show Favorite Products

Julie, Inspiring Kitchen

It’s no secret (or it shouldn’t be by now) that I’m lazy in the kitchen – rather in awe of those who enjoy spending time there. Well, I recently happened upon a lovely lady who not only enjoys it, she also likes building dream kitchens for other folks. Which causes her to occasionally find herself in the position of spending time at trade shows for various kitchen related products. Including restaurant stuff. And now she’s bringing them to us, her eight favorite things among the thousands she visited this past Spring at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. A very inspired list, I say and I’m happy to share, informatively. Thanks, Julie 🙂

These Latest 8 You Must ContemplateThese Latest 8 You Must Contemplate

Sandra Lynn, Informed Sharing

Check out the latest 8 to be added to a growing list of brilliance from Persona Paper to Informed Sharing – where we are all about keeping you in the know – you are welcome! What an amazing experience this is becoming; so much so that next week I am not sharing 8. I know – it sounds silly, right? Have no worries, just sit back, enjoy this week’s selection of eight and stay tuned for what’s to come. Hopefully by now you know, it’ll be something YUM!

8 Healthy Morning Drinks8 Healthy Morning Drinks to Start the Day…

Random Follower, Twitter

You never know what you’ll find in groups of eight. Or where. I lucked out over the weekend, just by clicking on a fellow tweeter (I can’t find who it was now, AACCK – I’m usually better about that) who started following me and then I started following her (stalking really, she’s wicked funny – if it’s the one I’m thinking it is…can’t be sure, so not linking just now…) ANYway – I’m NOT explaining this very well. 8 healthy drinks to get you going in the morning. There really is something for everyone on this list. Go on, get healthy, now – you can thank me later.

Week 3 - These Persona Paper Peeps are Growing on MeWeek 3 – These 8 PP Peeps Have Grown on Me!

Sandra Lynn, Informed Sharing

Another great selection of writers from Persona Paper, showcased here at Informed Sharing. I’m so excited that we are now 3 weeks in and it’s just getting better and better. I’m meeting new writers and discovering great reads each week – I do hope you are too! Go ahead, take a peek and see just who made the list for this week’s top 8 Persona Paper Peeps. And stay tuned for Week 4; already shaping up to be just as yummy as the first three – of course. YAY!

8 Awesome Reality Shows You're Missing NOW!8 Awesome Reality Shows You are Missing!

Sandra Lynn, Informed Sharing

This one was fun to write, as I enjoy each of these on a weekly basis. I don’t watch a lot of TV and I like to get some learnin’ from it. Whether you are looking to build high in the trees, have a pool that looks like it comes from nature, or  you just want to learn all sorts of trivia (and trivial) facts – there is something for everyone on this list of 8 great reality shows. Don’t miss out!

The Next 8 Just as GreatThe Next 8 – Just as Great at Persona Paper

Sandra Lynn, Informed Sharing

This week, I dug in a little deeper and visited some folks I didn’t know all that well before joining Persona Paper. This was a real treat. Perhaps the best part of featuring these folks each week on my blog is getting to know PP Peep(ers) better, eight at a time – taking time – to enjoy them at my own pace and with true intentions. That’s how I want to learn more. And I hope you do, too. My hat is off to each individual who made the list and for all they do to share their thoughts in ways that make all our lives better for having peeked in, even for just a moment. Thank you all!

Eight Reasons I Write at Persona PaperEight Reasons I Love Writing at Persona Paper

BarbRad, Persona Paper

Barb shares 8 amazing reasons to contribute with Persona Paper, a new writing site, where you can earn for sharing your words with others – personally and informatively. Barb is relatively new to the site, but not new to writing; and very easily covers all the major perks of why PP is the place to be for veteran writers and those just starting out. Thank you for being inspired to “pen” this piece – a must read for anyone thinking about joining a great community of writing friends.

Persona Paper Logo.InSH.Choosing 8 Persona Paper Peeps is…

Sandra Lynn, Informed Sharing

Choosing 8 great writers from Persona Paper wasn’t so hard. Spending time with each of them yesterday, without telling them, was a tiny bit harder. Writing my blog post and scheduling it for this morning and then WAITING patiently for it to go LIVE so I could share them HERE was insane. Okay. I might have some issues. But I’m excited. They’re here. The first eight of many, I hope. Take a peek inside and see who’s showcased for this first week. And be sure to check back often; I’ll be sharing more AWEsome PP Peeps. YAY!

Lucky Favorite Number 8Eight Fun Facts About the Number 8

Sandra Lynn, Informed Sharing

The number 8 is my absolute favorite squishy, sexy, lovely number in the whole wide world. Discover eight fun facts + 8 reasons why I love this funky number in this blog post! And what is YOUR favorite and/or lucky number?

Top Cars 2014Top 8 Best New 2014 Cars for Gas Mileage

Parks Chevrolet

Just to give you and example of how a share can end up here and who can contribute. I ran a search for “top 8 cars 2014” and found this post by Parks Chevrolet. It’s relevant, informed, gives a wide variety of gas-saving vehicles for 2014 and most importantly – it lists eight. My personal favorite on the list? Well, you think I’d go with #8, being partial to the number and all. But I’m leaning toward #2; maybe #6. Which adds up to eight. Yikes. I cannot make this stuff up. Seriously. Forgive my eccentricity. Do you have a favorite gas saving vehicle, on or off that 2014 list?

Your Top 8 - Wedding Veil8 Inspired Wedding Hairstyles for Brides?

Tania, Percy Handmade

I’m so excited about this eights page that I couldn’t resist searching for more of your top 8, this morning. Since I’m an old hairstylist, I plugged in “top 8 hairstyles” and since I recently tied the knot, chose this piece for today’s inclusion. Tania, from Percy Handmade, seems to have quite a handle on all things wedding related and she doesn’t disappoint with her choices for these lovely brides. My favorite? I prefer simple when it comes to my own style, so it’s a toss up between #1 and #2; maybe #3. But they are all stunning – and pin-worthy, too. What’s your bridal veil hairstyle fav?

Top 8 Kitchen Gadgets8 Fabulous Kitchen Gadgets

Cheryl Najafi, CherylStyle

Today I went in search of some handy kitchen gadgets because everyone can use something in their life to make it easier. Why not kitchen tools? After entering “top 8 kitchen gadgets” I clicked the first link and was not disappointed. CherylStyle provided a list of eight brilliant kitchen gadgets sure to make any chef and/or cook swoon; and even for someone not accustomed to entering the kitchen on a regular basis, I’ll betcha there is something on the list – for you – that’s fun and fab!

Need recipe ideas? Visit Tina’s Kitchen and get informed about all your gluten free tasty treats – new recipes added weekly!

Top 8 Culture Club SongsTop 8 Culture Club Songs of the 80’s

Steve Peake

This one was super fun to find. I searched for “top 8 80’s songs” and Culture Club (remember them?) popped up. I’m not very musically inclined, having grown up listening to whatever my parents were into (this has led to many issues later on in my life – we’ll get to those in future blog posts, I promise 😉 ) but I do recognize a few of these songs. I did manage to own a radio back in the day, ya know. What favorite Culture Club tune did you have in the 80’s? Did it make this list?

8 Unusual Baby Names8 Unusual Baby Names – Popular in 2013

Michelle Horton

I tend to stay away from “popular baby names” lists and so this list drew me in. Not that I’m in the market, mind you. But I like unique names. My daughter has one; even down to having the spelling changed (you’re welcome Mags) further. I enjoyed perusing this list for a couple reasons – most particularly because it was set up as a slide that was quick and easy to “thumb” through and get a glimpse of these eight great and unusual baby names. From the many comments, it would appear they really are catching on!

Anyone can contribute, as long as what you share follows the rule of eight. There are a few other simple rules but those are easy, too. If you are interested in sharing your 8 favorites list about (what or who) you happen to find in your intertube travels, just give us a shout. And be sure to bookmark this page and check in often as we update with Your Top 8!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn


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