My Top 3 Favorite YouTube Crocheters – in no particular order!

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I may seriously be addicted to YouTube crocheters. It’s a much healthier addiction than turning to food or crawling into a ball when the world gets too much to bear. Events over the last week have certainly tested my strength, and though I have no intentions (not even the desire) to fall into old habits, I am crocheting my booty off. These 3 crocheting geniuses are helping me overcome and create some seriously beautiful crochet crafts. As I am a visual learner, I am so grateful (thanks again, mom ♥) to have these video tutorials.

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So. Who are these favorite YouTube crocheters? I’m going to tell you, right down below. No one should miss out on what these folks are sharing, for sure.


My Top 3 Favorite YouTube Crocheters – in no particular order!

1 – Mikey from Crochet Crowd

This is the man, the myth, the LEGEND, people. I don’t think there is anything he can’t hook. I have learned so much from watching Mikey and he just keeps making vids and adding so much cuteness, that I can’t stop. I want to try this and that and oh look, I’ve got to try THAT. His videos are easy to watch and to learn and he is constantly offering little tips and tricks to make your crochet project beautiful.

My favorite Mikey tip is the first row from the chain, to work in that first row from the underside. Your finished piece will have awesome ends – BOTH ends. I fear I am not explaining this very well. Go check this video out, a crochet project that is on my TA-DO list, just so stunning for the summer!

This only one of several summer in the sun tops that I’m drooling over. And he breaks it all down so well for us, too. In ALL his videos. Easy to watch, fun to learn, and by the time you finish the video, you have a beautifully crocheted (whatever) to enjoy.

2 – Sarah-Jane from Bella Coco

This chick. So. Much. Love. for Sarah-Jane. Her waffle stitch was the first one I tried and I was hooked (literally, haha) from the start. She has a wonderful way of weaving in (okay, I’ll try to stop the puns) tips as she goes, that you will learn quickly and easily how to crochet amazing pieces. As I said, I began with the waffle stitch and haven’t looked back. From granny squares to connecting them, borders and more, you don’t want to miss this lovely girl. My first, maybe my favorite of all the YouTube crocheters.

Here, Sarah-Jane shows us how to make the perfect flat circle.

Once you have this basic item mastered, you’ll discover that you can easily whip up lots of fun crochet stuff! She makes it all look so easy that even I can do it. Which is the whole point, right? Go see Sarah-Jane at Bella Coco, you won’t be disappointed.

3 – Wooly Wonders Crochet

For the life of me, I can’t seem to find her name. This may be intentional on her part (though, I swear, I probably won’t go to her house and make her crochet stuff for me. Probably.) and that’s quite alright. She has the most amazing tutorials and is so very good at explaining in fabulous detail how to achieve the perfectly crocheted creation you are looking for. I am currently working up a little dress by watching her and I can’t wait to finish. Here is the video I am following, she just makes it so easy…

Just a little something simple and darling. I may just make one in every color I have (I do NOT have too much yarn, thank you very much). I am grateful for Wooly – hmmm, I could just call her that; we have a lovely friend with the same name…

ANYway, I am very blessed to have Wooly Wonders Crochet for so much cuteness AND again, she (along with my other other two favs above) just make it look so easy. With a few basics under your belt, you’ll soon discover that it is.

There you have it, my top 3 favorite YouTube crocheters. Isn’t it time you created something new? 


Sandra Lynn



PS: Here are a couple crochet creations I’ve whipped up:

Baby Booties - How to Crochet





…each one from all three of my favorite YouTube crocheters.

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Who are YOUR favorite YouTube crocheters?



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