Zaptop: Not JUST the Easiest Bottle Opener Out There!

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We L O V E our little Zaptop bottle opener. It is not JUST the easiest bottle opener out there and I’m here to tell you why. (In case you were wondering…there are times when I ramble a bit…) The Zaptop is brilliant. And yes, it’s a gadget. I love those things. But seriously. If you want a fun, fab, and EASY way to open your bottles, Zaptop is the way to go.

Zaptop Bottle Opener - the easiest bottle opener out there!…and they do show you how to do it, but of course, I had to try it out for myself. Every now and then, the hubs and I do enjoy a nice cold Corona after a busy day at work. And it works.

Zaptop-Easiest-Bottle-Opener-2How to use Zaptop Bottle Opener:

  • Get yourself a bottle – soda or otherwise (I am not encouraging anyone to drink alcoholic beverages and never if you are underage, either).
  • Place the Zaptop on top of the bottle.
  • Gently press down.
  • You’ll hear a slight pop/release.
  • Lift the Zaptop up.
  • Bottle top will be attached to magnet and bottle is open.

Open in seconds. Easy-peasy.

And FAB. Imagine throwing a huge party and having to open all those bottles by hand. YUCK. With the Zaptop bottle opener, you don’t have to worry about broken fingernails, finding something/ANYthing to open your bottle with, or forgoing that nice cold beverage altogether. You just pop it on, press down, pull it off, and ta-DA – your thirst is quenched.

The FUN. Okay, I don’t know what it takes to amuse you but for me, sometimes it’s very little. Like this little Zaptop bottle opener. It’s fun to use. And no one wants a gadget that isn’t FUN; that’s the whole darn point of gadgets – they are fun and fab AND they make life easy.

Just like Zaptop – not JUST the easiest bottle opener out there!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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