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Business law or commercial law is the body of legislation that governs commerce and commercial activity in the nation and is often regarded as a branch of public law and also deals with matters of private law as well as civil law. In United States, commercial law governs all agencies that are designed to promote business, either directly or indirectly, through contracts. It also governs commercial activities related to intellectual property, taxation, licensing, trade, and regulation of businesses and their products.

Private rights may be protected by public law but, in order for this to happen, certain conditions have to be fulfilled. First, the government must ensure that the interests of the person injured are sufficiently protected by the state. Second, the interest must be reasonable enough so that it would not be restored by the taking of a lawsuit. Thirdly, in many instances the interest must be considered as a right that is inherent and enjoyed by the individual in a particular instance rather than as something that is demanded from the individual by the State in the public interest.

Business law courses offer a variety of specialized legal training courses that equip students with the knowledge they need to deal with real-world business transactions. These include business transaction law, business litigation, commercial law, and corporate law. All these courses help prepare students to navigate through complicated business transactions and to provide legal representation when their clients’ legal rights are challenged. This litigation may occur for various reasons, such as breach of contract, consumer protection issues, tax controversy, and mergers and acquisitions.

A business law course usually involves modules that cover the development of corporate law, litigation processes, and transactional law. Students interested in pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business Law should be prepared to take courses on the nature of the law, corporate governance, and contracts. Business litigation is a very broad subject, which are usually taught in courses focusing on tort law, commercial law, and property and casualty law. These classes help students analyze legal systems in different parts of the world and learn about the procedures that may be utilized in resolving disputes. Students who choose to take a course on contract law will learn the importance of fair contracting in creating wealth, as well as the various types of business transactions.

There are a number of universities that have a program providing outstanding achievement in business law courses. The University of London offers a business law degree, the University of London (LL) specializes in international business law, the University of Cambridge offers an international business law degree, and the University of California – Davis offers a number of courses on business law. An increasing number of British universities also offer courses on business law. Some of the top business law courses in the United Kingdom are those offered by University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, Durham University, King’s College London, Liverpool Hope University, and Imperial College London.

Many top business schools also offer international business law degrees. Some of the best masters in this field are located in the United States. Harvard University offers a master’s degree in International Business Law; Stanford University offers a same-name-graduate degree; the Chicago School of Law offers a master’s in International Business Law. Other top business schools that offer world-class legal research programs are the University of Cambridge, University of London, University of California – Davis, and University of Nottingham. At the undergraduate level, some of the top ranked business schools in the United Kingdom are the University of Birmingham, the University of Bristol, Durham University, and the University of Cambridge.

In the United States, some of the best business law degrees are offered by ivy league universities. Harvard University offers an MS in International Business; Regent University offers an MBS in International Business; and the University of California – Davis offers a MS in International Business. The University of Nottingham also offers an MS in Business Law. Other top business schools in the United States include University of California – Berkeley, Michigan State University, and California State University at San Francisco. There are other globally-acclaimed business schools in Europe as well, including the University of Paris and Imperial College London.

Law school graduates can expect to find jobs in corporate America and government agencies. The number of entry-level positions available is expected to grow rapidly due to the current economic situation. Business lawyers can work with private clients or with government agencies on a contract basis. In addition to working in firms, they may act as freelance agents, working on a contingency basis. Many law graduates pursue internships after graduation and this experience helps them to build their portfolio and acquire additional skills necessary for the position of job they wish to enter.

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