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Getting the Most Out of Your Business Administration Degree Programs

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There s a large number of business administration colleges online available, but here are just the top 10 best. Gaining invaluable knowledge about various businesses and how they operate from the inside out by way of a business administration degree is an amazing way forward to advance your professional career prospects in the business world. It s very easy to get lost in the shuffle of things when you are working as an executive, manager, or employee. But it is important that you have some real-world practical experience, both on the job and off. This experience can only come through a business administration degree.

One of the most highly rated business programs available today is the University of Miami’s graduate business administration programs. The school runs two distinctive programs: the College of Business and Technology, which features fast-track degree options leading to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; and the College of Engineering, which offers a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration as well as an interdisciplinary Master’s program. Both offer a variety of core courses and are complimented with exceptional online faculty members who bring a wealth of industry knowledge with them into the classroom. For example, during their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, students will learn about finance, accounting, marketing, and government. In the College of Engineering, students will study human-resource management, engineering, information technology, and accounting. Each degree has its own unique curriculum so be sure to find out exactly what your future career path will require before enrolling.

The University of Michigan also offers a very comprehensive range of business administration degree options. Their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program was founded to prepare students for careers in marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurship. While the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program has similar requirements as those at the aforementioned universities, there are additional business-related electives and professional seminars on top of the general business courses required for graduation. This degree program prepares students for careers in accounting, information technology, and business leadership. Students can also pursue careers in teaching, public policy, and business administration after completing the degree.

For those interested in working in accounting or finance but who wish to pursue careers in business administration, Ball State University has a Bachelors of Science in Accounting degree available through eCornell. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program prepares students for positions in business management, accounting, and financial accounting. Students will learn about business financing through modules such as accountancy, economics, statistics, and information systems. Those who successfully complete the Bachelors in Accounting degree also are awarded a four-year degree in business administration from Ball State. Students may choose to go on to earn master degrees or PhDs through eCornell, which is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

For those already employed in the business arena, eCornell offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Science in Business Administration degrees. Both bachelor degree programs prepare students for business administration careers, with concentrations including human resources, information systems, and finance. Both bachelor degrees require core courses in finance, accounting, and business management. Both programs also include electives and core classes in global management, public policy, and organizational behavior.

Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration degree from Ball State is a general business administration program. Students in this degree program are required to complete a series of general business coursework, as well as business administration core classes that provide specific training in management, leadership skills, and accounting skills. A key requirement of this degree is completion of an internship. Students must also successfully pass the core Financial Management course.

For business administration online graduates, Ball State offers its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration online program. This program is designed to help current business executives graduate with an array of skills and knowledge to help them achieve their goals. Graduates of this program will be prepared to enter a variety of employment positions, depending on their education and career goals.

There are many professional development opportunities available for business administration graduate degree programs. These opportunities range from campus visits, to workshops and seminars, to professional development workshops. Students in the BBA degree program are also encouraged to participate in hands-on learning through hands-on internships and related experiences. Students can complete these internships by participating in a variety of community service activities and other student activities, such as Teach If You Can and mentoring programs. There are also a number of professional association opportunities in which BBA graduates can become involved.

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