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Passive Income Blogging – Is it Really Possible?

by GBAF mag
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Creating a passive income blog can be a challenge, but there are ways to get it done. One of the best ways to create a passive income blog is through finding a niche with little competition. You can also promote affiliate products and services that pay a percentage for your visitors and advertisers, and a great deal more than just clicks.

First, pick a niche. If you’re already an experienced writer, pick a topic that you’ve already done a lot of research on or have some knowledge about. If you’re starting out, start out on a smaller niche, such as dog training. If you’re not very good at writing, consider researching for other passive income blog posts related to that niche. You can learn from others’ mistakes and their successes, and gain helpful information by reading what other people have done in similar situations.

Second, pick a host for your blog. Choose a site that has strong page rank, and which will allow you to build a responsive audience over time. If you don’t have a day job, start a blog from home using free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger. These platforms let you customize your blog in many ways, and you can set up a blog to automatically update every day, weekly, or monthly. Some hosts even let you run ads on your blog posts.

Third, write blog posts related to your chosen niche. Many people like to blog about their passions or interests. To generate income, you should consider submitting your blog to a host that allows this type of thing. It’s best to try to build a targeted list of readers, so be sure that the ads on your passive income blog post are relevant to them. This will keep visitors on your page longer and might increase your chances for earning money with your blogging skills.

Fourth, use affiliate marketing to earn money with your passive income blog. Affiliate marketing is simply a way to make money off of other peoples products. Affiliate marketing involves finding a company that sells a product that you believe in, and then using your expertise to promote the product. You can find great affiliate marketing opportunities all over the internet.

Fifth, figure out a good revenue-to-cost ratio. Your cost per year to generate an income is the amount you charge for your hosting and domain name, plus the startup costs for starting your blog. The startup costs include purchasing a domain name, an autoresponder, and email marketing lists. The revenue is the amount you make from selling advertising space on your blog.

Sixth, maximize your earning potential. One of the easiest ways to increase your passive income is to maximize your earning potential. Start by choosing one domain name that has the potential for generating income. You should also pick a product that has high revenue potential but a low cost per year.

Seventh, make your blog post easy to read and informative. Most readers prefer blogs that are easy to read and understand. Two of the best blog software tools to help you accomplish this are Helium and Feed burner. With either tool, you can easily turn your blog post into an article. You can even turn your blog post into a video if you have the ability to do so with your chi or cam editing program.

Finally, create content that helps readers solve a problem or resolve a concern. Blogs that just provide information don’t generate the kind of income that content that creates. You want to write blog posts that will help your readers solve problems for free or at least get the answer they need to quickly.

These simple steps will not dramatically change your level of income. The real transformation will be made when you combine your blogging efforts with other online strategies. For example, many people who blog are effectively running their own full-time day job. This will allow them to have more time to focus on their blogging efforts while having a day job to support themselves with. Some people quit their day jobs entirely and start blogging full-time.

The beauty of starting a blog and running your own day job is that the passive income you produce will continue to grow over time as long as your blogs are entertaining and informative. You may have to work a little harder in the beginning but once you’ve built a strong readership, the income generating will come naturally. It will continue to build as long as you stay relevant and creative with your content and you stay committed to helping others.

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